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Aren't feline claws retractable ??? So how do you ''force'' them to let them out so you can clip them ?

I guess I'll touch their pawns often when they are young so they grow accustomed to have me hold their pawns in my hands so they get used to the clipping ...
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Yeah, I just meant that they like to talk a lot!

You should clip their front claws, that way when they play they won't accidentally hurt each other badly, and also kittens aren't as adept at knowing when to retract their claws like older cats are. Also, in my case, it seems to cut down on them trying to scratch anything but the acceptable scratching items. I'm not sure how pure Siameses' claws are but if they are a whitish color, then it's easier to tell where not to cut (i.e. the quick). If they are darker, then you just have to be more careful. I don't clip Loki and Possum's rear claws, but some people do for their own preference or the cats need it. My cats' back claws seem to be okay without clipping them.

Oh, and to bring their claws out, just press on their pads; it doesn't hurt them, and the claws come right out.

Some people prefer male/female pairings to female/female pairings because they get along better. Personally I prefer male cats because I like their personalities more, and I think they are sweeter. I've heard stories where many females do not tolerate other females, and that is what Yosemite was referring to.

I have a friend who has 2 females and a male (the male and the older female are littermates, and are probably over 10, and the other female was adopted a couple of years ago as a kitten), and they all get along. Now I could be wrong, but I would think it would probably okay to get two sisters who have been around each other and are accostomed to each other. Maybe you could ask the breeder if any of the girls seem particularly close.

I live in a small apartment, and I have one litterbox per cat. I also clean them out once every day. Since yours is bigger, maybe you can put them in more out of the way places than I can, and probably would do fine scooping them out every other day. Some people suggest one litterbox per cat plus one, so you might want to consider that, but I do fine with my two litterboxes. One is a regular sized box, and the other one is "extra large." I also find that covered boxes help with the smell.

Many people name their animals after mythological beings. Loki, after all, is named for the Trickster God in Norse mythology. I seriously doubt anyone would make fun of their names; animals are supposed to have goofy or unusual names!

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I don't know what is wrong with me, I am going through a phase... I have loved babies all my life, and when I was doing my clinical immersion in Pediatrics 2 months ago, I always started early in the morning (5h00 am) to either feed the babies that needed feeding and whoose mom needed rest, or bring the babies to their mothers, and of course change diapers and administrate medications for those who needed it. Truth it, I like to think of myself of a young viril and attractive man (pictures available on demand lol ) but when it comes to babies, I just crack... I have a very sweetspot for cuteness, and even nurses and doctors tell me - you should go into pediatrics for your residency (which I plan to do, or neo-natal surgery). As I said, I always loved babies, but it was over the top during my immersion ... I'd laugh all day long and enjoy myself making all babies laugh...

Same things for cats. I never loved them that much. But when I saw those Siamese kittens... on my god. I cracked again. I wanted to bring them all home. And now I simply can't wait to go get my two kittens.

I think I've been living too far away from home for too long, it got to me somehow. It's not a bad thing at all, I've always been more sensitive and sensible than my other guy friends. Maybe it has to do with the fact I was raised by my mother alone too... hmmm ... textbook psychology (ZzZzZzZzZZZzzz....)

Anyway, I'll stop trying to find the source of my irrational love for babies and cats that seems to keep growing exponentially as I grow up and simply enjoy the moment
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There's nothing irrational about it! It's perfectly natural to love any small creature that needs you.
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Welcome to TCS! I'm new, too.

I've got five () kitties at the moment. They're not all mine--I'm doing in-house kitty-sitting (but I don't think I'm giving the 'kitten,' Winslow, back! ). I know how the kitten-loving goes, I was planning on fostering kittens this summer until things happened. You're lucky.

As for talking.. if you have talkers, watch out! Never a dull moment. I have three--none of which are Siamese--who won't shut up. If they think I have food, think it's time for food, want to go out, want a door opened, want attention, want to hear themselves.. you get the idea. It's nice, though. We yowl and "mrrt!" back at each other. I do want to add, though.. if you reward them for "talking"... by giving them food/attention/whatever, you are reinforcing the behavior and they will only do it more often. We've had some problems with this at my house, with opening doors and such.

I also have had an awesome experience with two females. They get along very well with each other, and are best friends. It really depends upon the two cats themselves, although if you only have two and they are raised together you're stacking the odds in your favor. Call the vets in your area, and see what age they do speutering (spay/neuter). If it's younger than six months, I would feel safe getting a male and a female. It's something to consider, though, because dealing with a queen in heat isn't very fun, and it's even less fun when you have a tom who's interested. They'll wake up the block, and you'll probably have spraying.

Name your cats whatever you feel fits them. If anyone ridicules you, ask them how many people they know who have their name. We all get to go a little crazy with names.. don't let anyone tell you that you can't name your cats something.

The reason you need to clip claws is because they get as long and sharp as your average pin. I haven't clipped Chili's claws in 3 weeks or so, and she was kneading my leg today.. the end result was me jumping out of my seat with a yell, her giving me a hurt look and hopping onto the desk. Poor kitty, it's not her fault mom hasn't brought out the claw-clippers lately. The claws not only hurt, but also get stuck in things around the house, and this can be hurtful to your clothes/pillows/fabric as well as frustrating and/or painful to the cat.

Get special treats that they love that are only doled out at paw-touching time. First start with touching their legs, and give them treats for gentle little strokes. Then start rewarding them only when they hold their legs still for the strokes.. then move down the leg slowly, praising and treating the whole way. Over a few days (depends upon you & the kitty and the frequency of short sessions) you'll move down the leg to the paws and get them used to holding paws, then holding claws, then start gently scratching their nails. From there you go on to scratching their nails with the clipper, then getting teensie tiny bits off the ends, and then clipping more and more. This is just a rough guide... someone else who has done this many times can refine it for you, or you can adjust as you go along. You just have to make claw-clipping fun for both of you, don't end things on a bad note.. stop while you're ahead is my rule for myself.

And now, someone mentioned pictures.. LOL kidding!

Sorry for writing you a whole book, here. I'll stop while I'm ahead.
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Welcome aboard!

I don't have any advice on siamese kitties, but I just wanted to say hi. It's nice to have another Quebecer here. (I'm in Montreal)
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Thank you all so much for your input !

Look at what I'm getting for my two kittens:

I think they'll love it ! I just can't wait to have them... when I ''babysitted' my friend's Siamese and her kittens for a week-end when she needed to leave for a 2 days, I simply enjoyed the whole week-end just playing whem The big baby that I am, I'd place two on my stomach and the mom and the other three on the bed and they'd play some sort of 'kill of the hill' game

Beginning of October seems so far away
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Welcome to TCS!!! I really dont have any experience with siamese, but wanted to welcome you here!!!
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Here are pictures of the mother, Noisette (first two pictures), and the daddy, Bali (last two)...

Noisette is expecting August 12th !
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Pretty babies!! Oh, and for the cat tree.. I noticed that the ones you like are a bit pricey.. and wanted to mention these ones because.. if I were going to spend (or could afford to spend) that much on a cat tree.. I'd get the ones I think are really cool, which are made from natural wood.. let me see if I can find some pictures.

Here's one, although they don't list prices on the site..

Well, at the moment, that's the only one I can find... but I'll look again. I'm not sure when I'll be back online, but no later than tomorrow. Not suggesting that those ones are better or anything, I just personally think they're cool, and there are some that are even cooler, with tree "limbs" that they can lay on and it really looks more like a tree than a cat platform, if that makes any sense.
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i've also had female/female pairings that worked just fine, especially if they're together from kittenhood. male neutering is slightly less expensive than female spaying, tho.
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Thank you for the cat tree suggestion, however they are more expansive and as far as I know they don't ship to Canada... too bad !

The woman told me it takes 4 weeks before you can see which color the babies will have, so I told her as long as I can get a seal point and a blue point regardless of the sex Ill be happy!
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I'll look around for more... I just forgot to do it when I got home..
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Can anyone suggest the best possible cat food for my kittens ??

I know supermarket stuff liek Wiskat is crap, and I want the best for my cats... Ive looked on nutrition forum and origen seemed to be liked a lot, is it suitable for kittens?
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I'm not sure about the Orijen food, but I know that Evo is formulated for cats and kittens, and it's in the same genre as Orijen, so.. hopefully it is.

Let me look it up. Okay, and yes, I know you all paused there while I took the time to look it up.... Orijen is biologically (and nutritionally) appropriate for cats and kittens, or all life stages.
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