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I have THE WORST feeling in the pit of my stomach

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I even cried on my way home tonight.

I am beyond terrified. I don't want to take Damita to the vet Thursday July 5th. Normally, I am really worried, but this time, I have this terrible feeling in my stomach. I've had this appt. for days & I have been physically ill for the past few days.....I think that is because I am so worried.

I really do not feel right about this appt. I can't say why. Mother's intuition, I guess. Someone tell me I'm nuts, that it will be fine. I can't make myself believe that.

I even told her when I got home it was OK if she needed to "let go", I would understand. I dunno, maybe it's because I don't know what to do anymore, I can't afford to take her to a specialist & I'm outta sane vets in the area, no one knows what's wrong or how to make her feel better. And I cannot tell you how many vets & people have told me to just euthanize her, which makes me feel guilty becuase I won't unless I know what's wrong.

Sorry for the dramatic post, I just can't get past this feeling. I need some chocolate.
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I'm sorry!! I hope everything turns out ok!
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Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I'm not sure what the history is, or what is wrong with Damita, but don't get upset until you hear what the vet has to say. We're here for you.
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Please follow your instincts. Don't take her on July 5.
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Natalie, follow your gut instincts on this.Change her appt to another day.
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Please follow your instincts. Don't take her on July 5.
Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
Natalie, follow your gut instincts on this.Change her appt to another day.

If your gut says no, then I wouldn't go. Change the appointment to another day, or cancel and reschedule after a couple of days when it feels right.

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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
Natalie, follow your gut instincts on this.Change her appt to another day.
couldn't hurt to change it, could it?
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Oh hun, i'm sorry. Here, have some m&ms *hugs* change the appointment, but you just dont know till you go or till the 5th comes, everything could be perfectly fine
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That's right -- because your intuition might not even be about Damita. It might be about something that would happen driving to the appointment, or something that would happen while you were away from the house. I think rescheduling is a great idea.
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i have to agree with the others,
if you gut is telling you no, there may very well be a reason behind it.
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I've changed her appt. 3 times already because of this feeling. I can't put it off anymore, she is utterly miserable.

I think she's finally got a UTI, which means her urine pH is off the charts. She vomiting a lot more than her "usual" 2x a day. She isn't very interested in food & I'd be surprised if she weighs 6 lbs. anymore. I have an idea what this might be & I am finally going to give in & let the vet check her for it....& if she does have it, I won't have a whole lot to do for her anymore.
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Oh gosh, I didn't know you'd been putting it off. Okay then, maybe it's time. But we'll all be with you in spirit, y'know, wrapping Damita in be-healthy vibes...
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I will pray that everything goes well.
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I agree with everyone for changing her appt. Get one much sooner! She's loosing weight and not wanting to eat, and the vomiting is not good. Get her in ASAP and I think you will both be better for it. I don't know the whole history but the sooner a vet sees her, the better your options are.

((((Get better vibes for Damita!))))
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I've spoke with the vet about getting her in sooner. She has good days & bad days. He told me, honestly, that it is up to me. That, whatever she has, it has been slowly getting worse over time. He is gone tomorrow & has surgeries on Monday, so Tuesday is the soonest. Basically, we decided that the two days didn't matter. If it is an emergency, he will be called immediately & will see her, he's so great.

She's been vomiting for...months, I guess. Part of the food allergies.
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I'm sorry, I didn't know you had changed it that many times.Maybe she is sending you signals, and that is why you have the gut feelings.
Natalie, only you know what she is going through and what her quality of life it.With her not wanting to eat and loosing weight, you may not have a whole lot of choices.You will know what is best for her, and will do what is best.
I am sending you {{{mega vibes}}} that way.
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Practical matters: are you giving her KMR, maybe? Something high-calorie and easy to eat? Are you keeping her extra-warm, maybe having a heating pad under a blanket that she can stay on if she wants?

And extra snuggles and maybe little lullabyes, too?
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She's been getting Nutri-Cal, a calorie supplement, since Jan at the vet's advice. She gets cat-milk 4x a week as the vet's advice as well. She is hydrated. She is active. I've got rice bags, like bigger ones, that I heat 2x a day, one for each kitty. Damita hogs all 3 upstairs. She sits in the window all day long feeling the breeze. She's not doing bad mentally, but physically, I cannot understand why this cat is alive today.

ETA: Perhaps this is better suited for the H&N forum?
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I would say.. go with your gut on this and book it with another vet. It could be this vet that is giving you the bad feeling. If the feeling's there, I would trust it... but I know what you are going through... we have a kitty who was very sick last weekend on our hands, though he is much better right now, getting up and about now. I hope things work out as well--or better-- for you! You have my hugs and prayers on this one.
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I have no other vet. This is the best one in the area. Most others only want me to book a "one way" appt. for Damita. The only one willing to see her can't tell which end is up.
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i dont know, what advice to give that may help.
You and others here know way more about caring for animals then i do.
all i can do is say i hope for the best for both of you

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I will be keeping the two of you in my thoughts, I Dont think re-arranging the appointment will make any difference, you need to do it for her, and I just hope that your feelings are wrong and that the vet can think of something else - maybe do this test you mentioned?
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Sending good vibes
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I think you need to go to the vet appt, for her sake. But you probably don't need to make any decisions at that moment. SO keep your courage, love her and what is right will happen. Good vibes coming.
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Hugs to you & Damita
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oh my ! I am sorry that you are in this tough position Its difficult what to say really

lots of soothing ((((((vibes)))))) coming over for you and I hope you feel better about things soon
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Nat i can only imagine how hard and upsetting this is for you, but the sooner you know whats going on the better because this is making you ill

We'll all be here for you you know that

Sending Damita (((((((((((MEGA HEALTHY VIBES))))))))))))
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Sending you and Damita lots of {{{vibes}}} and .
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I don't have any advice. Sending good vibes and some hugs.
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Oh Nat, I'm so sorry you are feeling this way
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