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Jeanie G., KatL8e and Lisa_CatFancier: Rupert isn't like those other Komodo dragons. He flosses, brushes and gargles three times a day. And he won't bite! Why, you'll hardly even know he's here.

After sampling DragonLady's food, I'm going to take a wee nap. *zzzzzzzzz*

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All dragons welcome as far as we're concerned!
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I sure am glad you brought extra food...Jim, Sella & Rupert are really putting it away! I had no idea that those dragons could eat that much. I know Jim has a huge appetite, but the other two can defintely hold there own. Jim did try his hand at roasting marshmallows but he had a little bit of trouble...

Last time I saw them, they were sleeping off their binge....

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Ahh! What a nap!
Alright, if all're here, I think Australia is calling.
Last call for Australia!

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Im here! I overate at the hangi and couldnt move. But I made it! *huff puff*
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*shakes crumbs from tablecloth* I see I brought just enough food for all! I was afraid I didn't make enough! (Hubby said I made too much, HA!) Growing dragons need their munchies! Can't wait to see the new sights! Whew! It is warm today, but that breeze is great!
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*holding on tightly*

Dont let me fall pleaaaaasee!
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Don't worry, Jim and Sella are accomplished human-carriers. No one has fallen off Jim since poor old Choolak back in 62 . . .b.c. I swear, the guy had grease on his hands or something.

Ah, the beautiful city of Darwin in Northern Australia.

As you've heard, Charles Darwin pioneered the theory of evolution, which states that animals adapt to their environments -often becoming whole new species over millions of years.

The species Proteus anguinus (human fish) represents the last of the early dragon ancestors

This species still exists today; they live mostly in caves and underground lakes.

Looks like a cove storm brewing . . .

Isn't it beautiful how the darkening of the sky seems to make natural hues richer and more pronounced? Storm air makes colors pop. Still, we'd better get to ground before the weather gets really rough.

Jim's dragon eyes spot our hotel up ahead . . . I see only rain.

Pay no mind folks, we'll soon be safely earthbound.

Wow! Such kingly lodgings! It's a good thing Rupert knew about this Dragon Hotel

Rupert says: "Just look for the special seal."

I suggest we all get some rest here in Darwin until this storm blows over. We can set out to see the sights tomorrow!
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Boy, I'm glad we all made it in before the big storm hit! I didn't know that Jim was afraid of lightning! I don't know how he fit underneath Mr. Cat's bed and I'm not sure how he got in his room, but, I don't think we can get him out til after the storm. I hope he doesn't disturb Mr. Cat when he wakes up...I think we are planning to go site-seeing tomorrow after breakfast. I'll see you all in the morning...


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Wow Ryan, what a spectacular flight!

Thanks Jim!
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Anyone want to join me for hot chocolate marshmellows and storm watching?
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*yawns* Ahh, what a nice nap that was. And my bed here was so warm! Funny, but I dreamt I was riding around on Jim when in fact I flew here on Sella. Anyway, I'm all for staying up and doing some stormwatching; so, DragonLady, I'd like to join you. Oooh, hot chocolate!

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I'd like some hot chocolate too. It's such a strong storm!!!

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I hope everyone got a good night's sleep after that storm. I was wondering whether everyone had all ready eaten breakfast? I know some of you were up rather late, so all our group may not yet be awake. Jim, Sella and Rupert went back to Thirtysilver's room last night and they were playing a very interesting version of the game Dungeons & Dragons! Who knew they made a special edition for actual dragons!
Well, I'm off to get a bite to eat. I'll check in with everyone before I go out site-seeing. I believe Mr. Cat has some special activities planned for us. Hope to hear from you all soon...


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Lets roll 2 D4 to see if we eat breakfast!

Jim ate a vegetarian omelet successfully.
Sella ate, but her eggs were runny.
Rupert rolled a 2, but his mithril spoon gives him a +5 for eating Boo Berry.
I missed my mouth completly.
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Yes, over breakfast we’ve developed an agenda for today. It’s called “practice.†After all, we’re here in time for next Monday’s national holiday: Australia Day! So let’s get ready, shall we?

First, we’ll go out and buy hats.

Then, we’re scheduled to go skin diving. Mind, with the holiday coming up you’d better get used to lots of kids about.

We hope everyone is used to large fireworks displays.

An embassy of dragons — Jim, Rupert and Sella to be exact — visited Kylie Minogue and has persuaded her to be our official guide whilst we’re here! Jim and Rupert are presently discussing who would be best to carry her about, but I think Jim’s got the edge as he can fly.

There’s no time like the present to sample some Australian products, in anticipation of the forthcoming holiday.

Oh, yes: More aquatic exploration is on our schedule. That’s me on the right, saying “Now you kids practice wearing these diving masks whilst me and Sheila here talk business in the office.â€

And we’d best all learn the lyrics to the Australian national anthem, as we’ll be called upon to go on stage and sing it. If we can get these kids to co-operate, maybe we can duck out of that task.

There’s plenty to do whilst we’re here! One never knows what might result from our visit.

Oh, by the way, I’ve taken the liberty of signing us all up for a nice long footrace. Won’t that be fun?

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I'll be ready to run as soon as I can find my running shoes.
Oh, Shoe Boy!

Ah. Here he is.

In the US, most of us only know the first verse of our national anthem. I'm not sure if it's the same with Aussies, but here's the first verse of "Advance Australia Fair:"

Australians all let us rejoice,
For we are young and free;
We've golden soil and wealth for toil,
Our home is girt by sea;
Our land abounds in Nature's gifts
Of beauty rich and rare;
In history's page, let every stage
Advance Australia fair!
In joyful strains then let us sing,
"Advance Australia fair!"

I wonder what this guy does on Australia Day?

Or this guy!

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I thought the National Anthem was "Waltzing Matilda". D'you mean that I have to learn another song?

As for those two, throw 'em a crocodile and they'll keep occupied.
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Mr. Cat I think we've all bought our hats now. How do you think we look?


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You look marvelous! Simply marvelous!


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Mr. Cat,
What time are we scheduled to go skin diving and exactly what is it? Sounds a little risqué...
Some of our group all ready have their suits on...

I think they are ready for anything!


p.s. Jim is saving us a place...
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Do I look ok? I feel sooooo silly wearing a swimming suit like this!!!!

Everyone is STARRING at us and laughing!!!!
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Rupert seems born to skin dive!

While Sella is reluctant to get in the water. Flying, fire-breathing dragons don't swim well -they aren't built for it.

Jim's boning up on his freestyle in the hotel pool. Apparently, some neo-cubist painter was taken with Jim' sullen appearance.
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Is Sella all right? I can't see her picture! *is worried*

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Oh I hope so!

Sella! Sella! Are you okay there dear?

To let the dragons rest, I took the liberty of renting a big SUV for us.

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Cool! That's a great idea! I've always heard emoticons are good drivers.


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Yea, I heard that too, because they do not initiate acts of road rage and once someone sees them, they cannot help but smile back.
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Sometimes the flash from a camera scares Sella and she then turns invisible til she thinks the danger has passed. I'm sure she will be feeling better really soon!


Oh, there she is....pointing up in the sky

"sorry I had you folks worried...I'm fine now" Sella
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Drat. Well, it would have been a great picture.
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