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Kiwideus, that article about accents is very interesting. I love the "to die" part, even if it isn't about New Zealanders. I've several British cyber friends, some of whom I frequently speak with on the telephone; and the epitome of straining to understand English through accents came about two week ago, when in the same telephone conversation I was speaking with a Scotsman and an Englishwoman at the same time. Och, aye! Cor blimey!

Thirtysilver, I'm greatly relieved to learn Jim is just "doing his thing." The people here in New Zealand are quite resilient as well, I must say: It's as if seeing a dragon is an everyday scenario with them!

DragonLady and Lorie D., I'm so glad you're enjoying this New Zealand climate! I love it, too. Oh yes, DragonLady, I've brought some brochures about The Cat Site for us to distribute appropriately. *hands them around*


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my grandparents took the looooonnnng ship ride to visit this country so many years ago! I loved the pictures of my grandfather with the Kiwi bird! (Grandmother was a scardy cat and wouldn't hold it!!)
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Which kiwi bird are you referring to?

The actual kiwi?

Or the now-extinct Moa?

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Misterr Cat! Whit's the ma-err wi ye, that ye dinna underston the Scottish when they speak. Ye'd think that they had a wee bit of an accent like the Irrrrish bairrns, orr the English lads 'n lassies! My motherrr was frae Glasgow, and didna soond any differrrrent frae me!

Oh, Lorie, I'm glad you're still here. PA is cold and snowing too. Give me the sunshine any time. I might just stay here all winter! Where are Cindy and Brenda? Isn't the scenery beautiful? Ahhhh, sunshine; it nourishes the soul!

Look at that Moa! Where in the world did you find it, Mr. Cat? What a find. Your name will go down in National Geographic. They'll probably call it Moa felinus now, in your honor. Seriously, it's a shame the way man disturbs the natural balance of nature. I assume we hunted it to extinction or drove it out of its natural feeding grounds?
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I've been sequestered, with those hunky crewmen, instructing them, on their duties: cooking, cleaning, massages, etc.

I must say, though, a drunken dragon is mightily amusing!
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I don't think my grandfather could have lifted the other bird! LOL
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Oh duh me, I didnt see the 'holding' part.
I am surprised that he was allowed to hold it. Kiwis are now endangered. If you are ever in NZ (in person), make sure you see the kiwis, they are beautiful birds.
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Whoops! Kellye, I'm sorry; I was giving Mr. Cat the picture credits by mistake!
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The moa, sadly, were victims of overhunting by the indigenous Maori tribesmen. They were hunted for their meat, and have been extinct for 100+ years.
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The moa, sadly, were victims of overhunting by the indigenous Maori tribesmen. They were hunted for their meat, and have been extinct for 100+ years.
Although many moa were huge -as big as Big Bird (no joke)- most were turkey-sized.
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Oops, sorry! I clicked "Submit," and then I clicked "Stop" on my browser when I realized I had something else to say. I thought I managed to stop it before the reply was posted but I guess not!
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Spot on Ryan. There was one man who said he saw a moa about 10 years ago. Since he was a little crazy, no one believed him.
The moa was mainly used for the maori's clothing, and food. The main cause of its extinction.

I, myself, am part maori, from the Ngati Kahungunu tribe - which hails from the Napier/Gisbourne area. And I am proud of it. My Nana was descended from a maori princess (her grandmother) and an Boston whaler.
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This was back in the 1960's. I remember going to the docks to wave them off on their trip! Lots of people, but no streamers like in the movies. lol

This is such a beautiful place, I hate to leave... I know we have other travels ahead, so WHERE TO NEXT???
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As long as it's nice and warm I don't care where we go.

**Walking away**

Oh my goodness!!!!! It's so dark outside, I couldn't see the dragon and I almost ran into him!!!!!!!
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Here I am! I had to catch a quick flight after an excruciatingly long week at school. Gotta pay the bills somehow. Jeanie, you are so right, the warm sun is great! I am so glad to get out of that icebox known as Pennsylvania. Where are we going now?
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We just got here and you want to leave? All right, our next port of call is Australia. There's no hurry, everyone please take your time finishing up whatever you're doing. Perhaps Kiwideus can suggest a good meeting-place where we can discuss the future of our tour.


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Do we want to drive through middle earth?

Middle earth
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It is a really beautiful city. I've been taking in some of the local sites...

I've really enjoyed the water. I was afraid we might lose some of our group though...

After our boat ride, some of us took in a good dinner and had another look at this beautiful city.

I guess I'll check in with you guys later. I'm going to go to bed now.

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Who is this lovely dragon with Jim?

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Dragons do not mate for life. There's a rutting season, and the male and female stay together for a short period of time until their eggs are hatched, after which the male usually leaves.
Unfortunately, one of Jim's mates was slain before her eggs hatched, and Jim decided -of his own good nature- to stay on and raise the young himself.
The dragon you see with Jim is his daughter, Sella. They're very close.

Nice to meet you. I'm honored that you think me lovely! I may not be the prettiest dragon in the world, but I'm every bit as gentle as my father.
Jim, you call him?
How odd.
P.S. Nice leopard.
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I knew they looked alike...Does Sella live here or did she just fly in to see Jim?

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It's so nice to meet you! We've heard nothing but good things about you from Jim, I mean your father. Would you care to join our group on tour? I know the rest of us would love to meet you as well. We're leaving for Australia soon.


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I'd be happy to join you! More room for humans to ride!

I live here in NZ. I sleep under the distant hills, but my father's coming woke me.
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Where is everone?
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I'd like you two to meet an old friend of mine, who has come a long way to see you! His name is Rupert. Mind, he's not the same kind of dragon as you; but he's a dragon nonetheless.

Rupert would like to know if it's all right for him to go along with us to Australia. I've told him he's more than welcome as far as I'm concerned, but that I'd have to ask the rest of you. He's really a nice guy!


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More than welcome to join us! Where is everyone?!? I've got my pic-nic basket filled with lots to eat on our journey! All sorts of pickles, relishes, assortments of lunch meats and cheeses, 4 types of bread, 6 different salads, 4 kinds of tea both cold and hot, as well as pies for dessert.
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Here are three maps of Australia, from the National Geographic Society. I'm sorry they're a bit out of focus, but I had to reduce them in size to fit here.

For lots of information about the Commonwealth of Australia, click on this hyper-link: CIA - The World Factbook 2002 -- Australia.

DragonLady, thanks a million for bringing all that wonderful food! *is hungry*


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Mr. Cat, I'm not too sure about your friend, Rupert. His dental hygeine leaves a lot to be desired. The Australians (except for Steve Irwin) might not be too crazy about a blood-slavering reptile.
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Rupert is welcome to come with my group... As long as he doesn't bite! I've been trying to round up the group but some of them are still buying souveniors from New Zealand. I'm ready when you are...

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Rupert, huh? Rupert (gulp), the Komodo dragon? I'd rather tangle with Jim, I think! His fiery breath would kill all the bacteria, at least. Perhaps for his own safety, (Jeanie crosses her fingers so the fib doesn't count) you could keep Rupert in a nice roomy cage.

Dragon Lady, wait up! I'd like some iced tea, please. Oh, look at that food. Are you sure we didn't end up in heaven? Oh, the pies, the sandwiches! I have to keep up my strength for traveling around Australia, you know.
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