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boy, we have a lot of travelling to do yet. should we take the sub, or would you like Jim and I to carry some passengers?
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That's a good question! Of course, you and Jim are more than welcome to come along on the submarine; but if you'd rather fly to our next port of call, that's fine as well.

How about we see if anybody would prefer to ride with Jim? I'd love do so myself, but I'd better stay with the submarine.

You know, there are several people who've vanished from this thread; and I think it would be best if we waited here a bit longer, in hopes they turn up. Where could they have gone?

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I'm acrophobic so, I think that I'll pass on the dragon ride. Besides, those crewmen look too delicious to abandon.
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I think you're ri-- I mean I'll stay here and keep an eye on Cindy, Mr. Cat. Come on, Cindy, let's go see the-- umm ship.
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I'll sign up for the dragon, anyone else? It can't be any worse than those crazy rollercoasters on the last trip.
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Yeah, Jeanie. I think that its high time that we got a guided tour of this vessel.
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My hubby may not like my being so secluded and I'm sure my cell won't work under water!
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I'm always ready to fly!
I agree with Mr. Cat. Let's wait and see if ur friends who are MIA reappear to join us to our next destination.

Yeah, I could've sworn I was sent for by lisa. But she appears to have gone to sleep somewhere . . .
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Ladies, the sailors you've been anxious to meet are waiting for you!

By the way, we've developed two uniforms for you ladies to wear whilst aboard ship. You may choose either or both:

STYLE A (conservative)

STYLE B (sporty)

And I'm sure Jim will be interested in this: One of his nautical cousins is coming here to meet him!


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Very cool cuz!
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I dont think I have the body to wear a sporty costume so I will opt for the conservative
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Put this middle-aged grandma-to-be down for the conservative look, too.
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Cindy, I just got a better look at the crew. Um, do you know how to build a raft? Lorie, do you still have that plane? Not that we don't appreciate your kind offers, Mr. Cat!
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I really hate to tell you this but the plane is...um...well...I had to sell it so I could afford to go on this trip
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As you can see, Jeanie G., the aircraft has been disposed of by Lorie D. You certainly can build a raft, but I'm just recalling what happened the last time we went out on the ocean in such a small vessel. . . .

Of course, you're free to try it again. We'll keep a berth for you on board the submarine, though, just in case you change your mind.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to join you all for the emergency drill ashore, but reports indicate you did really well! Here's a photograph, but I'd appreciate some names to go with the faces: Like, which one of you is the lieutenant standing on the left?

So that the entire crew of the submarine can enjoy shore leave, I've called upon a couple of people from another web site to take over certain vital duties — temporarily, of course. The ever-alert Agent Aeon will be filling in for the captain:

Whilst down in the galley, Rhi is fixing us some balanced and nutritious meals:

For those of you ashore, there will be entertainment provided by local musicians — if you're interested:

But there's always plenty to do here on board the boat:

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Could you let us down for the intertainment? I think I would enjoy a lou...lao..loo... pic-nic on the beach!
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A picnic would be nice, but I want to know what's on the menu first. You all remember some of the stuff we've been eating on these trips. How about some nice seafood since we're near the beach.
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Crab salad and Lobster smothered in real butter... steamy clam chowder and those little crackers floating on top. Smoked salmon on bagels with cream cheese. Of course there will be sushi in all varieties for those of you who like it!
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Bubba Gump has catered the pic-nic! Shrimp fixed in 20 different ways! YUM!
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Sorry you didn't see me much during the flight. I was enjoying the view and I didn't want to distract you from your vantage point. The trip was marvelous and I would like to continue on when our group proceeds to our other destinations.
In the meantime, I think I'm going to go for a walk before I join the group for the picnic. I've never been here before and I'm anxious to see the sites.
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Sorry I disappeared for a while. I had to rush off to New Zealand to organise the welcoming committee. Now what they have organised for us is:

A Haka to welcome us -

Then a hangi, which is food cooked under the ground. I know it sounds icky, but the food is actually deeeelish!

And for dessert afterwards, good old kiwi pavlova!

We also have some activities planned....

Swimming with the dolphins -

A game of rugby with the locals -

For these who do not want to play rugby, they can play netball -

A ride up to the sky tower -

I still have to discuss more with the welcoming committee if there is anything else we can do in Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud)
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Hey, Cindy. Let's venture out of this cabin and ask the crew if they're stopping at New Zealand! We don't want to miss all of that!
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At least, its summer, there. These 30-degree nights, here, are making me ache.
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Hey, that's some great stuff you've got planned for us! Let's all get ready and head to New Zealand! Don't miss the boat (or the dragon).

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It sounds like soooooo much fun, I can't wait to get there!!!!
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The mayor of Christchurch, my hometown said that no visit to New Zealand is complete without a visit there, and also to Queenstown, the adventure capital.

Here is the Mayor

Here is a view of Christchurch, we shall ride the tram,

A map,


Just a few activities in Queenstown:

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This is going to be fun! I've a cyber friend in Christchurch whom I'll have to look up when we get there.


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Really? Whereabout in Christchurch is your cyber friend? I hail from New Brighton!
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Sorry, folks, I've been talking with an old cousin of mine. He just swam up from the Marianas Trench, I haven't seen him in about 600 years.
My cousin tells me humpback whales are gathering five miles off the coast of New Zealand. Every century, the whales gather to sing to their whale deity. It's not to be missed. I've seen it only once in my long life.
Shall we go?
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My cyber friend in Christchurch lives on Manuka Street. His name is Terry Hall. We've been in touch for about four years now, as we've a mutual interest in slamming sport-governing organizations!

Jim, I'm glad you enjoyed meeting with your cousin. That whale assembly sounds fascinating! Yes, by all means let's be off for New Zealand. Don't forget to bring ThirtySilver!


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