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Update Kitten Pics

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Hi all
Decided to start a new thread for the 4 bundles of fluff.

Here they are at 2 weeks old

This one is not great but It is adorable!

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Those have got to be some of the cutest kittens ever!
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They are adorable!!
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Oh my gosh, they are so cute! I love the little orange babies!!
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They are so cute. Love the little kitty pile.
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They are very cute. I love the little ones...
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They are so cute. I love orange kitties.
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Oh they are so cute I could just chew on them!!! How old are they???
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Should have look closer!!
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Note to Vicky: Keep Mickey away from kittens.
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They actually played today.

I am worried about one as he just sits there hissing so I am trying to give him extra love to stop that any ideas that might help?
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Here is another update with cute pictures

They have been moved back under the bed.

The one sitting on his own is my baby he is so lovable but he is also the most daring one as the others were asleep.
My Aunt is having him and has named him Gypsy which I think is apt as he does like to travel!

All have been found good homes - two are going together.
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OMG....the sweetest thing ever!!!! thx for sharing...
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How Precious!!!! I want them all!
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Ooo I forgot to mention they have met the dog - the kitts are not phased by her at all - the dog however want to drown them in slobber via washing them.
She can be a bit rough but has not and will not be left alone with them until the kitts can properly run away or swipe her hee hee!

Mum seems to know that it was time for dog to meet them as she just laid on the floor watching from a distance.
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OHHH I love the deep red ones - those are one of my fav colors
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OMG I LOVE ORANGE KITTIES!! (but don't tell that to Isadora and Spot )

The kittens are adorable!
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Here is some more

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They are all so lovely!
I really cant wait for ours to arrive
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Your babies are so cute....can we see a pic of the mother??
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OH MY GOD!!!!!! I love them all!! They are sooooo cute!

this is definitely my favorite pic though. How adorable!!!

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Wow they have grown very fast
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