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The time has come!

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The clocks are ticking and it is time for me and my kitty army to advance from our stronghold into Europe.

We are fully equiped with cute fluffy tails and soft fuzzy paws to enchant you all into submission. Be warned, failure to do the wishes of the kitties will mean a quick belt of a cats paw!

My army have decended on London and taken over the whole South of England, we've left the North 'cause it's cold up there. We will board trains to Europe and invade Franch pushing swiftly into Germany and Spain.

Suki-wan Kanobi has already defeated your humans feeble attempts at distracting us (very clever, pieces of string being dangled in front of us!). Now she will use the Farce in order to make you give the kitty hordes their meals this evening.

Darth Bunn - Master of the Sink (Sith/sink/sith, see how I did that?)
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So when is the might Darth BuNN and his army coming to invade Canada. I have no plans for Europe, so you can take it if they don't resist (resistance is futile). Come to Canada and face the Formidable Five (Pepperpot, Excalibur, Sugarly, Merlin and Gweeky). Peeps will mother your army to death, Scally will snuggle them to death, Sugie will share her neurosies (sp) with them and they will run scream, Merlin will launch his patented night attacts and Gweeky will trip them as they go down the stairs! Come on - we can take you!
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May the force be with you, mighty furbaby warriors.
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Watch out Tania - he may go for Australia next if he is going to avoid the cold of a Canadian winter - that itself can do his army in!
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We should be safe Down Under mate. Cat's don't like water and we're an ocean away! Anyway, I've got my light sabre at the ready!
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Ady, shame on you for forgetting Nakita. She has the ultimate "secret" weapon - the evil satelite dish homing beakon.

She can detect any force from a zillion miles away. Be forwarned Darth Bunn - our new detection systems will blow your army away before any descent on Canada can occur. Stay in Europe, your safer there.

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Haha, foolish humans! The mighty kitty hordes do not fear cold, but I do, so I aint going to Canada, eek everything would shrink!.

Adymarie has challenge the fluffy forces of the Kitty Hordes and now she shall pay. We will send in a squadran of Parakitties, each equiped it fluffy and cuddly rubbing skillz, you shall fail in your attempts to stop us!!!


Darth Bunn (Sink Lord)
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BuNN sweetie, did you forget to take your medication today, mate?
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Yes, what of it?

Anyway those pills make the little men leave, and I like them
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I don't think medication will help at this point.


***Whispers: Have to make it to 500 posts...have to make it to 500 posts***
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Oh that's easy, do what me and Kumbulu do, reply to EVERY thread available. Your post count will rocket even if you have driven a few people mad
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Jeez BuNN mate, way to tell everyone our posting secrets! About those little blue pills, they mean you can keep the little men, it just makes the voices quieten a little. So here ya go, down the hatch!

Kassandra, hang in there! The person that really helped me to get to 500 was Bundylee, she would bait me and throw an insult my way and I just HAD to defend myself - a little like how BuNN thinks he's better than me.
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Lord Sink,

I assume your called that because you often find your hands in the sink doing the dishes~

Long live the Suki~ She is very much welcomed here in Hawaii even if it's just for a short fly by!

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Silly silly Bunn! Don't you know that the Parakitties will parish if you send them to the the Formidible Five and the ultimate weapon Nakita! Nakita will home in on them and then my five will take the Parakitties out!
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Yeah BuNN! Nakita is receiving highly classified information via her sattelite from the FBI about your little army! WE got you covered!
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Parakitties will never perish 'cause we all love kitties and won't let that happen

What's a sink?
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We shall see, we shall see.

The kitties hordes shall never be vanquished for they have the power of the Farce on their side. Join us and you all shall have pie for supper!
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A sink is that thigumyjig where you flip the switch and it makes a big noise and you stuff things down it and it disappears forever. Like a giant Black Hole in the middle of the kitchen Universe!
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If they don't parish then they will be taken captive and snuggled until they tell all of your secrets!
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Especially that cute little one right at the end of the line over there!
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He looks like he will spill the secrets at a lick of tuna juice!
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Your explanation of a sink, sounds more like my clothes hamper. Still cant find clothes that I am sure I put in there!

BuNN...a sink is where we let our men folk wash dishes, pots and pans. It is especialy made for them...
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LOL mycats, poor BuNN! We've got him all foncused!!
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If you come to the midwest of the US -- Ed will be happy to lend his FREAKISHLY STRONG PAWS to your army. He has been training by smacking everyone who walks by the dining room table (or the stairs, or the bed, or...) and beating on Coco.

Unfortunately, he has given up his Kung-Fu kitty training. I'm sure if you speak to him, he would be happy to continue his training.

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Nooooooooooooo! Ed has to help against the Invasion!
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Hey George Bush! He's looking great!
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Where's George - I just see a pic of Darth BuNN!
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Tania, I think that would be CIA satellite information.

Mycatsluvme, I like your definition of sink. Why didn't I think of that?

BuNN, How do you know one of us here at TCS isn't sending you those little men through our powerful mind control abilities? Are those voices you hear people, or cats?
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All you women ganging up on me, tis not fair.

I'm gonna hide now and eat this chocolate cake all by myself.
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