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mice, rats what next.

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a few of my cats have decided its the right time of year to go mouse and rat hunting.
over the course of a week we have had 6.
the first my lovely ex stray TOM tried bringing in a LIVE mouse yes i know their presants especialy since he sat their and droped it at my foot.
then it moved so i screamed, kinda picked it up by its tail ran outside and got my SO to deal with it, poor little thing.
anyway... then lilly decided she was going to bring one in to the front garden, and hide it under a box to find it.

then patch has brought home 2 to fling up in the air and catch it this is after tormenting it letting it run then catching again. they never eat them just play and kill them.
now i have just gone into the back garden to find a huge dead rat. what next lol?
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Just hope they don't move up to snakes. Thank goodness my gang are all indoor cats!
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the stray around my house left me a dead raven in the yard. im pretty sure its NOT a good thing,lol
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Im so glad my boys are insiders. I dont think even they would know what to do with a mouse if they saw one. Unfortunatly my backyard has mole homes all over so stray kitties come around and kill them and leave them near the outside food dish I have set up. Its so gross...
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I'll never forget a few years ago the cat climbed in the window with a LIVE RAT in his mouth. My parents were away and only myself and my younger brother were in the house. We had to trap the rat in the kitchen and my brother went in with a shovel. Much squealing later (one of the most awful noises I have ever heard) and the thing was dead. The cat was miffed that his toy was gone! The windows were kept only slightly ajar after that
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i dont have to worry about snakes where i am thank god lol. yes we have had pigeons been caught here but they end up eating them if i dont get there in time. same with moles we dont get them round here either.
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Bobber caught a chipmunk/gopher and she must think the head is for us cause that was all that was left-thanks alot Bobs.
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My uncle has a cat that looks just like Trout..she brought home a mallard duck once!!
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Well lets see.......voles, moles, ground squirrels, chipmonks, and maybe a rabbit
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Mine are notorious for moles,rats,mice!! And even a rabbit or two, but not very often...
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