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Cable is alpha most of the time... Pixel is 2nd but sometimes seems to be over Cable Chip is 3rd, but occasionally tries to oust Pixel from her spot unsucessfully Java's lowest at present... don't know where Firefox will end up - she seems to have the 'tortitude' going on, so who knows? Cable & Pixel will snuggle when Cable wants to. Pixel's ok with everyone, but Cable's the only one who seems to want the snuggling... sometimes
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I'll do my 2 outside groups because inside is just that bad. LOL

Kit-kit is queen ruler of all. She will smack everyone into next week if they get in her way. She's about 6 but bends to Girl who is 10. We don't see Girl that much but when she comes around Kit-Kit goes into hiding. Girl will make Kit bleed if she gets too near. Eek is ruling King only because he's mean. He smacks everyone but Kit. Kit smacks him back and he doesn't like it. Eek will also take on girl when she's seen but he doesn't do it often. Peaches, Sugar, and Skittles are all middle (wo)men. They do whatever but stay out of Kit-Kits way. Goldie, though, is the lowest man on the totem pole. As Mike puts it "Goldie is everyone's punching bag."

Now the ferals:
Small Fry rules. That's all anyone needs to know. The crown was passed onto her by her mother before she passed away. Sweetheart is next in line, then the Favorite 5 (kittens), then poor Punk is last on the list. Even stray Big Tom is above Punk and Punk is family.
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oh boy....well I have a few cats that think they are in charge....however I think Bentley is alpha and he was the first one here. Cesar tries to be, he like to bully jenny. Jenny is the princess & Nuit is queen of damn over here. As far as she's concerned, everything is hers & things are only on her terms. She was an only cat before we got her though. Zoey...she's just accepting, everyone can do what they want as long as they are nice to her! Bentley, Cesar & zoey are the family trio. Jenny only likes Bentley but can be tolerant of the the girls if she's left alone.
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I currently have 3 cats but started out with 2.

When he was alive, Sphinx was the Alpha cat and also the oldest.

Currently though, Kuce is the Alpha cat (I think) and is also our eldest. She keeps our boy in line but she is being tested by Lil' Jag (our youngest girl). She eats and drinks first and goes outside first only when the weather is warm. She and Luvbug are always wanting the most cuddle time and Lil' Jag finds that annoying.

Luvbug is the Beta cat and the only boy right now. He is in charge (by decree of Kuce) to keep Lil' Jag in line at all times. He does a good job too. He eats second to Kuce and goes outside first no matter the weather.

Lil' Jag is our "In-Training" and possible next Alpha cat but we will see as she gets older. Right now she is in her terrible "Two's" and going on three in August.
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