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Self Clean litter tray, (UK) need advice

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A recent post about self cleaning litter trays has reminded me to try again looking for one .
Got alot of questions on this topic, sorry:
Do they actually work or they only work 50/50?
Are they actually worth it compared to just scooping?
And where can I find UK ones?
And any other comments from anyone with self cleaning ones.

Most of my googling has ended up with USA available only ones.
Thanks in advance
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Hi , I've never used one but have seen it in the stores in the US. I think you roll the box & it sifts the clumped waste into a slot, which can then be removed by the waste drawer. If you do a search for "Omega Paw" on The Cat Site, you'll come up with a couple threads about it...I did a quick scan & saw neutral to positive reviews. Someone mentioned you need to have a good clumping litter.

Too bad you're not planning a trip to the US anytime soon ...it's about half that price for the same box in the US, and with the way the UK=US exchange rate is going, you could go on a shopping spree around here!!

P.S. We use crystal litter (Tidy Cats or Fresh Step) -- it's non-clumping, so we just have a regular box.

P.P.S. Try the ebay UK site -- there are some better prices than the link you posted...even with shipping tacked on...
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yeah i saw the pics finally realised how it worked and thought it was daft me to provide a link saying i didnt know how it worked when it showed how it worked,lol. So I editted post and deleted link, thought i'd got it before anyone posted reply, guess not woops. For those wodnering what we're on about: http://www.petplanet.co.uk/product.a...=46&pf_id=1479

Not into it much, was hoping for one that at end of day you just empty a bag or something. Basically we have 2 cats that use it, one is a 6 month old long haired and it would've been great if had litter tray that shifted the stuff after every use so she wouldnt stand in it from time to time or unfortunately whats often the case at the moment , get that big fluffy tail of hers in it.
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I have to say that I've been through a million different litter boxes trying to find the best fit for my cats and our ability to remember to scoop it.
The rolling litterboxes were great. I didnt have any problems with those. You just need to used a clumping litter.
Then my fiance got me an automatic litter box, and I swear i spend more time cleaning it now than I did before. I had to switch to an expensive litter because my store brand clumping litter wasnt doing the trick, and it still got caught in the rake and wouldnt come off. The rake itself kept coming loose. We've finally disconnected the power source and have just been scooping it.
I'd go with the rolling ones.
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dont the rolling ones have something like filters that need replacing?
I dont quite understand how they work so I'm just guessing they might need bits buying for them.
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