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Table Scraps

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Hello. This Nippers human mom. We are the people who rescued a 3 months old abused kitten who had kittens in our house. The whole story is in the New Cats on the block forum.

Belle is great cat but she utterly craves any food that anyone in the house is eating. She is very firm about sharing all foods (even peas and potatoes) almost to the point of being pesty. It does not seem to hurt her but we do not want her to get sick. First do we need to stop her from being a table scrap kitten? And if we need to break her of this habit how can it occur without physical methods? She was a very abused animal and is very sensitive. Thanks for the advice.

Next question our 18-pound tabby Bengal mix likes to take showers and enjoys baby shampoo. Does anyone else have a cat that likes showers??
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Hi there-

I am going to move this to health forum for you.
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I wouldn't feed her while you are eating or from your plate, but giving her some table food so long as it is healthy (veggies, fruits or meats that are not loaded with butter or spices) before or after you eat, so long as she eats an overall balanced meal is fine.
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