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I just finished reading through all the posts....how are you holding up? Poor AJ...bless his heart. I can't even begin to imagine what you are feeling, but I know I would be doing the same thing you are. I hope that the injuries are only minor and that there are no internal injuries. Keep us posted.
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Sending lots of healing vibes to you and AJ. He sure is a sweetie. It looks like a lot of people have read your posts and are pulling for you. Please do let us know how things go at the vet.
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I am tired, AJ seems OK, I just tried to look at his mouth a bit more and he made a dissaproving sound, so I let it be.
Thanks for the gifts guys, I am still not sure what they are, are they like 'get well soon cards' ?
Whatever they are, thank you
AJ is sleeping again.
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The gifts can be given for any reason, stress, illness, happiness, friendship, anything and every reason you could thing of, but in your case, yes, they are only wishes for the best in AJ's case. How much longer do you have till the vet opens?
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Aww Poor guy ... I will be thinking of him and hoping that he is going to be ok . And I will pray for him and you, Sending I will be looking for an update
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Thanks for clarifying Duchess, that's quite amazing, thank you all
The vet opens in 3 hours or so, it's 5.44 AM here, but who cares, I need to know the little guy will be OK.
He has chilled out on my lap all night, and I have tried to annoy him just enough to make sure he doesn't fall into a deep sleep (tickling his belly seemed to work best).
At the moment, he is OK, I think he will be fine, thank god.
Thank you all so much, don't know what I would have done tbh without the chance to vent on here!
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Anytime you need to vent want help or just join in the fun Please do that, this is a Wonderful, kind helpful group of people here. We Look forward to knowing that AJ is going to be fine. Cat people are the best.
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I just saw your thread and I wanted to let you know we are all here for you!! Sending many healing {{vibes}} to your little man. Soon enough you will be able to get him to the vet. Please keep us updated!!
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Do you have a syringe that you could fill with water to at least keep him hydrated with water? I know that the one side of the chin is damaged and don't know how agitated it will make him if you try to give him some water. It might not be the best idea for now, but yes, make sure he doesn't fall into a deep sleep. Do you have a blanket you could wrap him in? That might make him feel more secure and calm him a bit more.
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Wow, New York people are in my internet!
OK, so I am reeealy tired, what do you guys think about this for a plan?
1) Put AJ in his cat box
2) Let AJ sleep on my bed

Or I am in for the long haul of staying awake?
I am so so tired, but I will put him first of course.
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Duchess, he is wrapped in my tshirt and seems quite chilled out, as for the water, well, at this time he doesn't have water usually, he ha a drink at around 8.30 AM usually, so that problem will occur tomorrow really I guess.
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If I were you, I would keep him in bed with you, close by, in case anything happens he is right there. Make sure to keep him towards the inside of the bed. Set an alarm for each hour that way you can check on him. Yes, you need to try to get some sleep also. But I think keeping him close to you is the only way you can have peace of mind and get any sleep yourself.
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I honestly would try to stay awake with him. I can tell you some pretty gruesome stories about kitties hit by cars, but you don't need to hear that right now. Just, monitor his breathing, listen for any changes in the way it sounds or in the way he meows. Keep him still. I wouldn't let him eat/drink much as you don't know if that'll go down right. Try to keep his face clean, I noticed that even when in great pain, kitties like to clean themselves & that can make things worse...
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Ok, thanks for the advice, going to set my alarm to go off every 20 mins incase I drop off asleep.
This is him right now:
I think we are going to be OK guys
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Poor, sweet angel. 20 mins sounds good. But if you don't get some sleep, you won't be able to function, that will be hard on both of you. Please keep us posted. I will be back later to check up on you two.
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I am leaving for now, I will update later I promise, and again, thank you SO MUCH guys!!!!
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Hope AJ is doing ok

Poor Kitty
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Have you made it to the vet yet? I don't mean to unnecessarily alarm you when you're obviously very worried, but cats hide pain and injuries really well.

My kitty Stumpy was hit by a car, and was in a school yard where students found her. She dragged herself out to them purring and mewing at them. She was also dragging her back legs and they knew something was wrong, and called Animal Control who took care of her. Turns out she had multiple pelvis fractures, a broken tail and many abrasions. Yet she was still purring and affectionate. I was fostering her during her recovery, then decided to keep her

Just because your kitty *seems* ok, doesn't mean he's not suffering head trauma - if he's got scratches on his face, he may have more damage than you realise.

I know you said you're going to go to the vet, I just really think you should be there when they open and get him straight in - time is of the essence.

Good luck, I hope you're both doing ok - please keep us updated!!!!
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Your AJ is a beautiful boy.

I hope you've made it to the vet by now and that his injuries aren't too bad. Hugs and positive thoughts to both of you.
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I just found this thread and read it all. AJ is a beautiful boy.

I hope you made it to the vet and all will be well with him.

Prayers for you both

Hugs as well
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I hope your kitty is ok and that you've made it to the vet by now

Do remember that in the UK all vets are legally obliged to provide out of hours care - either at your regular practice or at another practice that provides cover for yours - so you could have taken him last night, or at least rang the vet for advice on what to do.
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Just read the story, I too hpe u made it to the vet and that things are ok. Poor little thing!!! Hope he will be fine soon!!! Wishing all the best
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Fingers crossed for him, and I would like to re-iterate UT's post, that there are always vets available in the UK, I think we are quite fortunate in that compared to you guys in the US (although it does cost a small fortune!!). I would also think of keeping cats in in the future (and yes, I have indoor/outdoor cats) - you say it is quiet, but two cats have been hit in 8 months at the same point, people are obviously speeding in the area, and I wouldnt risk it.
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I am checking in on AJ, how did it go at the vet? Bless his sweet little heart...he looks just like my Joey
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I hope your kitty is ok. He looks a lot like the tabby I grew up with.
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Just checking in to see how AJ is doing, please let us know something.
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I am hoping that you are back from the vet with AJ all patched up and are now getting some much needed sleep. Vibes that he is ok
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
I am hoping that you are back from the vet with AJ all patched up and are now getting some much needed sleep. Vibes that he is ok

Many vibes for AJ.
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I just read this, my heart is broken for you and poor little AJ. I hope he is ok.

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I just now saw this thread, and I'm joining the others in hoping AJ is ok. Please let us know.
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