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Suckling cats

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We have two cats that do this. The youngest does it most nights or if something has upset her. Abby's only 6 months old so I'm assuming its something she'll grow out of. I dont really mind , I've had to give up my favourite robe but oh well .
But one of our other cats does same thing. Mollys 2 years old. When we first had her home she also suckled but then stopped for a while. Shes been suckling recently again because Abby gave her a shock one night by pouncing on her unexpectedly.

I'm just curious why Molly suckles when shes 2 years old. I assumed most cats grow out of it by 1 year old approx. Any ideas?
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That is a little strange. My kitten just stopped suckling. She was doing it between 6-8 months. She would suckle her bed while kneeding and even suckled my arm a few times at night (I made her stop, wasnt a pleasant feeling). Maybe she was weened to soon?
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More often than not, this is caused by premature weaning. Most cats grow out of this by the age of 1 year old, as you assumed. Some will do it for, possibly, the rest of their lives! There isn't anything you can really do to prevent it; this is simply and instinctive habit that momma never taught them to stop. Zoe was weaned at 10 weeks and she hasn't showed any signs of this habit yet. Depends on the cat, I guess. But I really don't think there's anything you can do about this... just wait it out...
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My sister's got 2 boys who suckle on blanket/clothing. They were taken from mum at only 5 weeks so that's why they do it. They're 4 years old now and still do it.
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Thanks, I was just curious about it. We've put her a jumper in the hat box she sleeps in so it doesnt really bother us, just curious why she was still doing it. The weening makes sense as she was from an old breeder who decided to keep her as a pet. So I suppose its likely she was taken away from mum too soon.
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