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I'm not sure... NYC, LA, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Frankfort (Germany)? I live in the Dallas metro area (used to live in Dallas proper), and it's fourth largest in the country now, I believe.

I read something the other day, though, that stunned me: that in China, there are something like eight cities we've never even heard of that are larger than NYC! It's hard to imagine how many people there are over there.
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NYC I guess

This link has the world's largest cities and their populations.
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Whew - according to that link, Mumbai, India has 29,650 per sq/km! In comparison, by home town Brisbane (Australia), is the 122nd biggest city and has a massive 850 people per sq/km.
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Seoul, South Korea - ~17.5mil according to your link, sarahp.

btw, congrats on the squirt!!!
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Miami, FL - 4,919,000
Orlando, FL - 1,157,000
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LA...ok, I was suttled from the airport to the hotel and shuttled back, so I got to see all of 3 miles of LA. Tokyo, but that time I didn't get to leave the airport. Honolulu, Charlette NC, Washington DC, Pittsburg, Ft Worth/Dallas, Richmond, VA. I judge a big city by the traffic, not the population because that doesn't take into account the people that are commuting from the suburbs. I know most people that work in DC don't live there, but the traffic is unreal!! If I have to close my eyes while on the highway so I don't panic (when DH is driving of course) I consider that a big city!
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lol ok edit for change of informatin

i went and looked it up
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New York
Los Angeles (of course, I live in LA)
San Francisco
San Diego
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As a child I was so many places I don't remember, rarely stopped though. I do know we passed through Denver a few times, LA twice, St Louis numerous times.
Have visited Seattle a few times as an adult. Laid over in SanFran airport once. Oh and Dallas on a greyhound bus
Largest city I have ever been any length of time is here - Portland, Oregon
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Tucson - 1 million
Phoenix - 1.5 million
Las Vegas NV - 600.000
Buffalo NY- 1.6 million
San Diego - 1.25 million
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New York
London UK
San Diego (don't remember it being that big when I was a kid )
San Francisco
Birmingham UK
Sheffied UK
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I went by metro areas
Dallas-Fort Worth
San Francisco
San Bernadino-Riverside
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I don't know the populations but I've been to:

Chicago, IL
Jacksonville, FL
San Francisco, CA
London, England
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i did a ask jeeves search... here are mine. mind you, my first career was as a travel agent!
NYC, NY - 8,008,278
London, England - 7,517,700
Rome, Italy - 5,112,413
Naples, Italy - 5,701,931
L.A., CA - 3,694,820
Chicago, IL - 2,896,016
Paris, France - 2,153,600
Houston, TX - 1,953,631
Dallas, TX - 1,188,580
San Antonio, TX - 1,144,646
Hononolulu, HI - 371,657 - but this is data from 2000 - best i could find

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