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Father day!....( be lated...)

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Hello Friends!
is a bit late after the Father´s day on sunday, but I can´t leave to show you how love me my lovely daugther, Catulina!

She knows that sunday was a fathers day and for some reason she try to spoil me at her way!

sharing with all of you!

She loves to lick my bear!

of course a "Skimo" kiss for a lovely girl!

and next we watching both the F1Race!

I hope have you enjoy it!
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Oh Rigel that is soooooooooo sweet how shes giving you your Fathers Day kisses. and then watched the races with you
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Rigel, that is just so sweet. I can't stop laughing at her expression in this one though!
Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
She loves to lick my bear!

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Awww She sure spoiled her daddy
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Oh my goodness Rigel!!!. These are so precious beyond words!!

Catulina certainly loves her daddy alright Those kitty kisses she's giving you are so loving, awwwwwwwwwwww
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Lovely. Lovely. Lovely. Those are so sweet, Rigel. What a great Father's Day that must have been! Thank you for sharing.
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Excellent pictures! Thank you so much for sharing!
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Lovely, just lovely
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That's so sweet. She loves her Daddy.
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aw, Catulina has certainly made herself at home with her new Daddy!!
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What a sweetheart she is. She loves you Awwwwww
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She's so sweet loving her Daddy. She's beautiful, Rigel.
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That is just precious...Sweet Catulina
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aww what a wonderful day you must have had - lots of kisses and cuddles for a special daddy
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It's about time we got some new pics of your daughter!

She's very pretty and wants to make sure her papa is well groomed.
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Now that's love!
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Thats so sweet.
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What a sweetheart! It's so wonderful to see her so happy. She's lucky you took her in, and she knows it!
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Amigo, those are such sweet pictures!!!!
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Awwwwww cute is that What a sweetheart!

Side note...

May I ask..are you laying in a hammock? and is that another hammock I see in the background? It seems there are hammocks everywhere in your house I would love that!!
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Awwww! Sooo cute! Does she always give you kisses like that?
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My Ginger kisses me just like your babygirl kisses you - aren't we lucky to have fur daughters that love us so very much!

Your Catulina is very beautiful and loving - happy PurrPaw's Day!
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to Everyone!!!!............ thank you for your nice comments! you´re a wonderful persons dear friends!

Yup, it took me a bit of time to share this one´s with all of you, in order to not always I have time to spend so confortable here on TCS ( cause lot of work! )......

ABOUT the question of the Hammocks,....... .....YES, those are a hammocks, everyone has a hammock now at Home!, Milky, Gema, I and we looking now for Catu hammock!.... I promise that I bring you soon a pic´s of her in her personal HAmmock!......

Yes, we feel so proud of her, she´s a good girl, far from the nervous of she when she came into our home and she didn´t want to take a ride for whole home, she spend more than a week in a corner of her bathroom until she decide to go out of the bathroom slowly......... now she´s wandering for whole home, and of course Milky doesn´t like so much the Idea, But I talked with him and I tell him: " Milky, you should to share your big home with your little sister!".......

Furthermore, when she´s spoiling me, I can´t quite from my mind some thoughts about when she was wandering at the street ........ and the firts days when we saw her firts and she ran from us for fear on the street!.............I´m happy and I ask many thanks to God that He let us to adopt to her that the way that it was and for this slow but for sure proccess to adaptation of Her and the AMO BONITO!....

Thank you Friends, your post here, means lot for us!
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Oh Rigel, she really loves you so much. Thank you for sharing those with us..She is really beautiful!
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Originally Posted by catsRNmom View Post
Oh Rigel, she really loves you so much. Thank you for sharing those with us..She is really beautiful!
Thank you my friend for your comment!
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Your rescued your daughter from a fate worse than death....the angry streets.
Your are her Daddy for sure.
She really love you.
Happy belated Father's Day.
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Happy belated Father's Day.
Thank you so much dear LEI!

Hey I can See than Dexter and Sadie Try to copy my CoolCat user!...

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