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Silly things that happen....

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Yesterday I did 4 loads of washing, I left them out on the balcony to dry over night, well this morning at 6 am it was thundering and it just poured down! (usually the rain doesnt come in towards the balcony)
It was all fresh and I needed some things to put on today From now on i'll have to check the weather forecast before putting my clothing out on the balcony!!

Whats something silly that happened to you lately???
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I don't know how silly but I laughed about it later.

A couple weeks ago I awoke at 2am because I had to use the potty. While I was downstairs I heard at thud from upstairs. I knew it was the cats but was not sure what they were up to.

I went back up upstairs to go back to bed and just as I rounded the corner of the stairs case I found myself laying on the floor.

Uno had knocked over a speaker (she has done this before) and in the dark I did not see it. It was not there on my trip downstairs.

My BF woke up and turned on the light and there I was laying on the floor.

He was like what happened? I told him his cat was trying to kill me

Uno has done this before. She likes to knock over the speaker so she can climb in the back and then play peek a boo with Egore. She has always done it in the day time though so I am sure she was plotting my demise.
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Well yesterday I heard the well pump kick on and off and was wondering why.
Well evidently since Tuesday night -DH left the sprinkler on where we planted grass seed a week ago and it was running until I noticed the water outside was on-good thing that it was on really low as the screen on the sprinkler must have clogged up. He turned it on and though I turned it off!! Well its off now as it ran for about 35 hours!!
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Just check this thread from the other day: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=130559

I haven't toped this one yet! THANK THE LORD!
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...on my!...Poor Fran!...
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