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Lilith morgan rose..
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When I was a kid, I went through a phase of calling myself Diana, followed by a phase of calling myself Julie. When I finally got back to my real name, I was so relieved! Carol is right for me.

But I love the name Claire for myself, too... or I did, until I got to know a woman with that name who turned out to be awfully small of mind. No more Claire.

Liked Catherine, too, until my brother married one and she turned out to be Evil Incarnate.

I do like Wren, though -- I knew someone once who was given Wren as a nickname for Catherine (-rine, Wren), and I think that's lovely.

But if I really had to choose... I'd be Pearl, the name I gave my little Pearlygirl kitty.
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When I was 20 I contemplated changing my name... to Morgan Adams.

My real name is Amanda, got called Mandy growing up and HATED it... I see it as a child's name, not for an adult. It's cutesy to me (although I do like the song, shuush you Barry haters)...

I'll use Morgan someday as an alternate pen name. For the time being, I opted to use my real first name, but family names for my last name: A.P. Adams, short for Amanda Parker Adams. If I ever get my kids books going, I'll probably use Morgan to keep them separate from the sci-fi and fantasy.

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Violet, or Mikey.

Both of which I have been called by people. I went through a phase in elementary school of trying to force people to call me really random stripper names like Bubbles. People still remember that when I run into people from my class.

I despise my middle name for a myriad of reasons, and I'm likely to actually change that when I get married.
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My real name is Rachel and I like it..I didn't used to. But I have always liked the names Alexis and Desiree.
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Melissa, Catherine or Kaylee.. But since I called my cat Kaylee I think i'll have to go with the other two!

While i was in my mums belly, she called me catherine untill two days after I was born my dad said I had to be called Francesca with no middle name :S
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Actually i don't mind my first name, because mum chose it from the Jane Austen novel, and i love her books. I'd much rather change my surname to my mums maiden name. It's ugly and half the dimwits i meet can't pronounce it, yet it's so simple *sighs*
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