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I'm looking for a female kitten in my local area not sure, how to go about it?
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The best thing to do is contact your local SPCA shelter; they always have abandoned kittens looking for homes. Check out your local papers/shop for any advertisements also. And let friends know you are looking for one; they may know someone who is looking to home kittens.

If you get the kitten from a private owner be very sure they have the sex right before taking her if you're adamant you want a female. I checked out some pictures on the internet before I went to get mine as I preferably wanted a male cat. If you get the cat from a shelter I would hope they have had her checked out by a vet etc. Make sure the kitty is at least 8-10 weeks old!
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I'm in the middle of adopting one from the Cats Protection, so if you google the one in your area and e-mail them they'll get back in touch because they'll want to do a home check
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You can find a list of rescues in your area here. Just select where you live on the right hand side and it will come up with a list of rescues.


Leeds cat rescue have lots of kittens available

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