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Am I the only person who sings to their cat?

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This was actually inspired by Angelz00's thread "How is your MeOw". I can't speak cat fluently, but I do sing to Ivo. My neighbors must think I'm absolutely nuts. My favorite song is...

You toe pretty
You my kitty
And I lub you
Cause you my Ivo.

Also, Ivo likes:

You so stinky
Oh yes you are
You so stinky
And you my kitty.

Does anyone else have a special "love" song for their furballs? Or am I just really strange?
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Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one who sang to my cat.
I often sing the Dukes of Hazzard theme song and 'Lola'
He snuggles up to me when I sing, perhaps it comforts him, but for the life of my I dont know why he likes it. He is a strange one after all LOL.
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LOL. I just sing around them all the time. But there is one song I sing to Asim, from The Simpsons, with a little alteration... originally this is Homer singing it to Marge.

"Oh Asim, You came and you brought me a turkey, on my day off of worky, oh Asim."

It doesn't mean anything, I just started singing it to him one day hee hee.
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I sing to my ferals when they first arrive here. It helps two ways, it gets them used to my voice, and it calms them down. Thankfully, I can carry a tune. I sung with the Sourdough Sweet Adelines in Anchorage for 3 years.

Also when my horse got really ill, he was two years old at the time. He was horsepitilized at OSU in Isolation. I would go in, and sit on the floor with his head on my lap and sing to him. The song I use the most is "Angels Watching Over Me."
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Thankfully, I can carry a tune.
Well I'm proud to admit I can't! The songs change key and tempo every time I sing them. But it's like what I tell Ivo every time I leave...I think it's what I say/sing, and not how I do it!
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I don't sing to my cats, but I have read to them in the past. When I first moved back to PA from Michigan, my cat and I stayed at a friend's house. She had a dog, so kitty was in the basement. I would sit and read poetry to her. I also read Spanish stories when I was trying to improve my pronunciation.
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I was just thinking about posting about this! I really thought I was the only one who sang to my cats. I really don't have any specific songs that I sing to them...just anything that pops in my head or if I have a CD playing on my computer. It's so funny to watch them while I sing to them. They all seem to stop what they are doing and watch me like my own little audience. It's just too cute!

Hissy...what an accomplishment on your singing! I'm a singer myself, but I haven't had many opportunities to use the talent in the past few years. I was a member of my colleges Show Choir and even majored in music education. Now, I've resorted to singing at Karaoke...pretty sad, huh? LOL!
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I sing to mine all the time. I was moving once, and in the middle of a 5 hour drive, the radio broke. All 4 cats immediately began howling. I had to sing to them for the rest of the trip. It was listen to them or listen to me. Fred is a big Meatloaf fan. He will sit and listen to the entire Bat Out Of Hell cd. The rest like country music better.
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I sing to mine fairly often, when I am alone with them anyway.

I generally just make them up as I go along. The song most often used is smelly cat (from friends)

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I have tried the singing thing and Kiki hates it. If music is on and I am singing with it, she sits and meows over and over until I shut up. I guess I am not that great. She does the same thing if I read to her. I guess she only likes it when I talk directly to her in my kitty voice!!
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Yep I sing to Bod, he has his own song... its to the tune of the kids cartoon Poddington Peas,- except I change it to Boddington Bear.. :laughing:
and for your listening pleasure.. it goes like this...:

"Down at the bottom of the gaaaaarden,
among the birds and the bees,
there lives a chubby little blaaaaack cat,
he's called a Boddington Bear,

:laughing: :laughing2 oh the shame!
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Hissy, I used to sing to my horse when I was grooming her. She seemed to like it, but I can carry a tune too. I sang in my college's Concert Choir and Chamber group for 4 years. I miss it, but I sing along to the radio, even at school. The students think I'm a little crazy because of it, but that's ok.
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You're all mad! MAD I TELLS YA!

Okay I sing to Suki too. But it's more just silly noises I make. She just sits there and gives me that 'You're nuts' look.
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(can't say that I sing to Cooper!!!)
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Oh YEAH! I thought everybody sang to their kitties! LOL!
Let's see.... In my best baby voice, I sing the song "Found a Peanut" to Peanut and I sing "I'm a little Tea Pot" to GoGo. All of them love when we whistle a song or play the guitar...

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I make up songs for Ed and Coco all the time. The lyrics change daily. Every cat I've ever been owned by had their own song(s). Ed ignores me, but Coco looks at me like I'm weird. (She's right.)
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My songs for Ninners:

Ninner's dinners One, clean my litter box
Ninner's dinners Two, worship my cute kitty socks
chicken, turkey, Three, where's my fancy feast
or beef jerky Four, feed me at least
Ninner's dinners Five, won't you scratch me please
Ninner's dinners Six, no I don't have fleas
Fancy Feast
Fancy Feast
For the little beast
Ninners dinners

You are my Ninners
My only Ninners
You make me happy
When skies are gray
No one will know dear
How much I wuv you
Please don't take my Ninners away!

Ninners, Ninners
little pooky wooky
Wuv my Ninners
pooky pooky
pooky Ninners!
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I also sing Michael Jackson's Black and White except I change the words to "It don't matter cause I'm black and White". She's a moo cow kitty!

Here's another

Whisker Lickins
Whisker Ticklins
aren't they just the cutest Whisker dickens
I'm a cute putty
just a cute puttutie
you don't have to worry
because I'm all furry
Whisker lickens
Whisker ticklins
aren't they just the cutest Whisker dickens
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LOL! Ninners and Spot should date...you sound like you would make a great kitty mommy-inlaw - <Grin>
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I used to sing a Wiggle Song when they would wiggle around, but they would always stop wiggling and look at my like I was an idiot. I don't sing the Wiggle Song anymore. I swear, I really can carry a tune, too!
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I always sing to my cats. This past few months it has been "Dynamitee", by Miss Dynamite (v. popular in the UK - garage style music), except changed to "Mittenitee". I also dance around the house with a cat in my arms - they don't seem to mind too much.....
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I sing to Jedi all the time! :tounge2: I usually sing, "I Swear", maybe kinda corny but it's how I feel about him!

I Swear
By the moon and the stars in the sky, I'll be there
I Swear
Like a shadow that's by your side, I'll be there

For better or worse, til death do us part
I'll love you with every beat of my heart
I Swear
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We sing to them all the time! (But we sang stupid stuff before they were here. When Gary's in an especially happy mood he whistles and sings while doing stuff - of course in the shower too....).

Kim - we usually use the Little Teapot tune, but we make up words..

You're my little nutcake, short and fat...

Neither of us can carry a tune. Well - Gary can when he tries. He actually sang in the Lyric Opera (Chicago) when he was 10 or 11.

Jeanie G. - what about you????? Haven't seen you "chime into" this thread yet!
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I sing to Spidey all the time. Usually though instead of words I sings meows. His favorite is when I meow "Once upon a midnight clear" and dance the waltz with him.

My boyfriend looks at me like I'm nuts when I do it.
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Oh yeah, we sing the Meow Mix song to them...they really hate that!
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I just remembered, when Peedoodle has been naughty, I sing

Bad Bad Peedoodle Brown
The baddest cat in the whole damn town
Badder than old king kong
and meaner than a junkyard dog!
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OMG Flim Flam, you wanna be careful dancing around with a cat your arms..... in our old house we had big glass patio doors which faced onto a biiiiig feild (there wasn't a fence at the end of our garden, so you could see straight out), one day, I was doing the usual dancing round the house with a kitty when I suddenly got the ugre to swing a teatowel around too... so there I was, dancing with a cat, and swishing this teatowel around my head and around kitty (he didn't mind, he knows he has to tolerate his mums madness) and siging along to some ridiculous music, when, in the middle of a big twirl round, I see a man tood at the end of the garden watching through the patio doors!! He was DYING with laughter!!! :laughing: I, on the other hand, was dying of embarassment!! :laughing2 I tucked kitty and teatowel under my arm and legged it into the kitchen quick smart!! :LOL: :LOL:
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PS, Nenners, I also sing to the tune of "You are my sunshine" but I change it to "You are my dumpling, my only dumpling"... etc etc (of course this applies mainly to Bod, as he IS a dumpling!! )
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LOL! My boss sings to her too! He makes up all kinds of goofy songs. I cracked him up with the "Black and White" song. We have a stereo system that goes through the entire office. We play all kinds of music. When the "black and White" song came on, I danced into Steve's office with Ninners singing "It don't matter if I'm black and white".
He laughed so hard he almost fell out of his chair! I have a lot of time by myself in the office so Ninners is my only company. We have lots of fun being goofy!I showed Spot to Steve yesterday. He loved the markings on his face! It would be too cute if they could date! If she wasn't spayed imagine what cute kitties they'd have!
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