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New Kitten - Question

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Hi everyone. Very quick update first. Lucy our elderly cat who became ill earlier this year made a full recovery and is back to her usual demanding self

Anyway, a chap I work with breeds Bengals. Mum puss managed to escape and mated with the tom cat from across the road. Result three gorgeous kittens. One looks like Mum puss - spotted and the other two are the marbled type. All three are BIG kittens. I haven't seen them yet as they're only just over two weeks old, but have seen photographs of them.

We're earmarked to get one of them. The question is this. Apparently, all three are feeding well and growing rapidly. However, one is very wobbly on his legs - much wobblier than the other two. I said he might just be a late developer but it's at the back of my mind that this one might have cerebral palsy or something wrong with him. They are very young yet so he might come alright in his own time.

What do you think or do you know what the problem could be?

Already having a Special Needs Puss (Lucy) I'd be quite happy to give this little one a home provided he gets a clean bill of health from the vet otherwise.

The kittens will all be going to the vets for their vaccinations when they're old enough so they will be getting a health check at that time.

Just one thing to add to that, my colleague said one of the kittens was born with some crusting on his eyes (which I believe has cleared up). I'm not sure if it is the same kitten or not but wondered if this is a clue.
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Have no idea about the eye. But kittens are wobbly up till 3-4 weeks old. This one may just be a bit slower. I would not worry too much till they are 3-4 months old and if there is still a problem.

How old are they now? And I would encourage this person to hang on to the kittens till a minimum of 10 weeks old for best results. Any younger, and they could have social/behavior problems by leaving too soon.

Just cause they might eat solid food at 6-8 weeks doesn't mean they are psychologically ready to leave mom/siblings!
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The kittens are just coming up for 3 weeks old so they are still very young. The kittens won't be going to their new homes until they have been fully vaccinated. My colleague told me I would not get the kitten (whichever one picks us that is )until he/she's 12 weeks old. They are all being brought up in a family environment so should be fully socialised. Mum Puss is a gorgeous Spotted Snow. Dad Puss is a very large tabby cat, so with the Bengal trait of the male being large, and Dad Puss being a big cat, the kittens should be big too. I've seen photos of them and they are all big kittens - even the girl (two boys and one girl).

We'll be going to see them in a couple of weeks time. They should be at the inquisitive, playful stage by then. Hopefully the wobbly kitten will be a bit steadier on his feet. I think it could just be that he's a bit slower than the others and will catch up. Apart from the wobbliness he's otherwise fine.

Whichever kitten we get, we're hoping to train him/her to walk on a harness and lead. I believe Bengals are very good at that
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