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Well I stuck to it this time :)

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WEll I am not going on vaca, there really wasnt a choice for me anyways since my mom is always the back up when I am not home for the animals, and well she still needs me to take care of her, my other brother wont do much she has even said that So I am the one shes depending on, and well we let my brother know tonite that I couldnt go!

He was a little bummed, and he had asked me if I was sure I wasnt able to, and I told him there was no way, who would take care of my mom and everything and he said true...so now I am going to see if my dad will take me over there once a day and take care of the animals, well I would stay for a while and such each day, make sure everyone is fed and all is going well !

I am a little bummed tho, a semi free vaca...but at least hes gotten his money back for me But I am still bummed as it is ocean city, maybe next year

He is also mad because no one "told" him bout me graduating, mind u I have been braggin about this day for MONTHS But its pretty hard to keep all 3 kids sitting for an hour to 2, I would probly be sitting there and then end up with kids Though I really wish it would have been possible you know Those kids really brighten my day, well until they do something bad but they do to many cute things!

But anywho..u all would be so proud
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Congrats! You now took the first step!
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I am proud! You go girl

When you go on vacation make it with you and a friend or two so you can have fun! Someday, you may have your own bunch of kids to take on vacation .... enjoy these days while you can
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That is wonderful that you stuck your ground!!

Hopefully he will now get you the camera you want!
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