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Life in pen

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Just wanted to share a few pics of the boys in their habitat:

GoGo & Spot - Just Hanging Out

Exterior view - See Spot up on the perch?

Perch Ego

Sharpen Those Claws SPOT BOY!!

Faux Mountain Lion
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That is such a cool pen! I love it! Unfortunately I live in an apartment and I cannot build something like that so poor Peedoodle cannot stay out and play like that
But if I ever move to a house of my own, that is one of the first things I will build!
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Awwww, that pen rocks

I miss my moo kitties.
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Beautiful kitties.

Fantastic pen.

Wish I could do something like that for my girls.
Someday when I own a house and some land.
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This cat cage is the cheapest thing I have ever enjoyed in my life....now, does that make me sound old & content or what? LOL!!!
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Great spot for the kitties! You are lucky that you have such great weather in Florida most of the time!
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Looks great You could maybe extend it a little round that tree. The cats could then have a real life scratching post
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That's really neat, Kim. They have their own bathroom too, I see. Then you rent it out to reindeer in the winter, do you?
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Jeanie - With Interest! ROTFL!
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A new project that I can get my partner to make!!!!!

Boy, once the summer comes, he's not going to like me!!

"But Honey, doesn't our little Nakita deserve the best??

**bats eyelashes**

I can lay the *guilt* trip on so thickly sometimes! I love myself...

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We've been considering the best way to screen in our back patio for the furbabies. We also live in an apartment, so we can't build something like that, but a screen across the patio would work. Not sure how to build it, 'cuz it'd have to be easily removable.
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Oh look at the PenMates! Great enclosure Kim!
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Just in case anyone is interested in an enclosure, i purchased my blueprints from Just4Cat.com
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Its a great idea and the kitties look like they love it!! Great pics!
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Well, it can't be a state pen. There's no tv, no weight training room, no library, no....
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That pen is really awesome. My husband and I will be moving in the spring and I want to build the cats a pen for the summer. Do you mind if I copy your pic so I can show it to my husband?

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Kyttin -
Sure! Copy Away....But if you need more extensive information on how to build one I purchased my blueprints from the address below. I think it cost me $20.00, which is really a donation to these folks. They rescue cats, too. They are really cool!

Really, it's just a bunch of 4 x 4's and 2 x 4's with chicken wire stapled to it - lol! The first time my lawnman saw it, it asked me, "Why did you put a chicken coop in your back yard?"

It really freaked him out when he saw the boys marching in and out of the cage.

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Thank you for letting me copy your pic. It looks like it was easy to build. Was it? My husband works for a lumber yard so we can get building materials at cost.

A chicken coop....how funny. Them are the cutest, furriest four-legged chickens I ever saw.

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I can't wait to get a house so I can build one for my cats--well, Dan and I can build one, I'm not doing it by myself!

Kim, your cats look so happy. I love Spot's spots! His name makes me think of Data's cat in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
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I love to tease, Kim, but you have a great play yard for your cats. If my dad were alive, I'd have him build one just like it! (He was a carpenter.)
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Awwww! Jeanie!!! That's what my dad was, a carpenter. He could have built this thing in his healthier days. Unfortunately, my dad has Alzheimer's Disease (He was diagnosed at 64 and he's only 71 today) .....He was at my house the very day this cage was being built . He was so cute....carpentry was something he was remembering that day and he was really happy to BOSS my husband and brother around from his chair.

Once the cage was done, we were all sitting around in lawn chairs watching the cats explore their new habitat and my dad, grinning, kept repeating, "You better get those dam cats off my job site!" — LOL! Sounds silly but I love when he would get in those happy moods…

Too bad my husband did get to learn anything from my dad—I inherited all of the construction knowledge...but my hubby, well, he can do you taxes and financial planning...LOL!

Here's my cutie-pie Dad in his "work" shirt

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Kim, first of all...those cats are beautiful and I LOVE the pen!!!! And secondly.....I want to give you a big cyber HUG!!!! I loved the story of how happy your dad was and the dam cats thing was so cute!!! Your dad really is a cutie pie!!! I went through the same thing with my mom years ago, she got something very close to Alzheimers although they said it wasn't technically that, she just had strokes in her brain that caused her mind to go. So I can relate to how you felt to see your dad so happy, and to remind him of his days as a carpenter!!

What was really spooky though, is that your dad has the same look in his eyes that my mother always had. It is so sad to see them so confused.
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That must be a great memory, Kim! It's so nice to have the kind of memoriy that can give us joy even years later.
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Hi Debby - Thank you for the Cyber hug! I CAUGHT IT! That really is a funny memory for me—had to pass it on. Lately, I have been recalling a lot of great memories because it our first Holiday Season without Dad and.....he quit talking last year. He still whistles, though. <grin>

That blank look is sad - when I visit Dad at the nursing home, all of the Alzheimer's patients have that same look in there eyes. I like to think they are all at peace and what we are really seeing in an Alzheimer's patient is just a shell that happened to out-live their mind and soul. Kind a' like they are already in Heaven.....pretty silly spiritual theory of mine, huh? I just can't stand the thought of these cute little people suffering from this disease—especially when they Know they have it ....so, I try to put my Rose Colored Glasses on when I visit.

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Oh Kim!! That is not a silly theory at all!!!! It is EXACTLY what I thought when mom was still alive and her mind was gone. She didn't talk at all for the last 5 years or so she would squeal or giggle(she lived 10 years after her mind went, but only the last five she couldn't talk) and I thought the same thing...that her body was still here, and her new childlike nature...but the "real" mom, the one who raised me, the one I knew, was already in heaven....dancing with the angels and having a great time. I believed that her soul was gone already....up in heaven. But of course I don't really know. If you ever need to talk about it, just PM me....having lived through this, I know how hard it is.
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Debby -- WOW! Your mom sounds a lot like my dad.We both have been down a very similar road. Isn't amazing how healthy they can be after losing their memory? Bless their hearts, that's all I can say!! What really makes it easier for me is having people like you who can relate!! You are such a dear!

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Im glad I can help in some small way. It was one of the hardest things I have ever been through seeing mom lose her mind. When it first started, I went through a period of denial...did you do that too? I'm just curious. I refused to believe that she really was losing her mind....she would say such totally off the wall things and do such odd things and say things she never would have said before...and then when I was alone with her, I can remember saying things like, MOM!! You have got to stop this!!!! Why are you doing this???? Stop acting like this!!! It isn't funny!!! You are scaring us!!! Just stop! PLEASE!!!!!!!
I just could not accept that it was for real and tried to convince myself she was doing things like barking at the dog and saying all those weird things just to get attention....although I knew in my heart it wasn't true...my mom would never have acted that way. Not unless there was something terribly terribly wrong. The worst was when we went to a big gathering in the local town and so many many many of the people my parents and I knew were there...it was an annual party thing they have, a celebration where they have a big pig roast and people get up and sing, etc...(it's a small town) and dad and I weren't watching her as closely as we should have...and I turned around and she was standing there with her pants down. I rushed over and pulled them up...but it still haunts me....my mother was a very proud woman, and very....what's the word...she always did what was right, and was always very aware of what people thought of her...it really mattered to her what people thought, and she always wanted to have a good image and leave a good impression on people...she never cussed a day in her life, never said anything out of line...very self conscious (sp?) and if anyone would have told her before she got sick that she would have done something like that in front of the whole town, she would have just died!!!! She would have rather been dead!!! So that always bothered me...even though I know she didn't know she did it. Not the real mom anyway. Does that make sense?
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Kim, I love the enclosure! I am thinking of building one for the kitties. How hard was this to make?
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Oh man, do I wish I lived in a house, instead of an apartment. I'd have a pen like that for my boys to play in, in a hot minute.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
That is such a cool pen! I love it! Unfortunately I live in an apartment and I cannot build something like that so poor Peedoodle cannot stay out and play like that
But if I ever move to a house of my own, that is one of the first things I will build!
Same here
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