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CRF is progressing

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Well my baby was diagnosed with CRF about a year ago. I took her to the vet tonight because she is having troubles with her blood pressure. Of coarse it was OK, because I had uped her dose of meds to keep it controled, which the vet told me to stop doing becuase there are other side affects at the higher dose. Needless to say I'm frustrated because I know we are going to end up back in the vets office in the next couple of days because once I drop her meds back down her blood pressure will rise & her retenas will begin to detach again. Out side of that I got some bad news her kidney values have gotten worse. I can't remember what they are called but one is at 2.2, and the other went from 35 in Augus to 44 today. Also, her over all blood count is low, so they are sending out a blood sample to another lab to get more detailed info and then she may have to get injections to help her body produce more blood cells. Needless to say I'm very upset. In august her values were better than they were last January & I was really hoping she would have more time. I guess I am just wondering if anyone has been through this & if they can help me understand these injections she's gonig to be getting. I will have a chance to talk to the vet more once they get her test results back, but I guess I don't even know what kinds of questions to ask. I'm just beside myself & I'm at work & I just don't know how people deal with loosing a pet & still manage to get up & go to work every day with out loosing it totaly. Please help!!!
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Have you seen this site?


Hugs ((((((()))))))) Wish I could help beyond just giving you a link.
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I don't know anything about CRF but I just dealt with my precious Buffy (a dog) going downhill over the last year and had to put her to sleep in September so I know how you feel as far as when your pet is experiencing lots of problems, cause she was dealing with various issues also. She was 15 years old. The only way I was able to manage it at work was to not talk about it to anyone and then cry a lot at home. One day I simply left early. It's a very tough time when our babies are dealing with things like this, so hang in there best as you can and keep us posted!

I have 2 kitties that it sounds like might have been exposed to FIP, so I'm trying to take 1 day at a time with them and hope they make it thru their first couple of years, which will mean the FIP more than likely won't develop until they're around 10 or so.

Big hugs to you and your kitty!
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I'm so sorry. I lost my 11 year old baby (Magic) last week to end stage CRF. In case you haven't seen it, there is a great website www.felinecrf.com which helped me with this difficult disease.
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thanks everyone. It's been a ruff week. I'm feeling a little better, first I talked to my boss & she seemed to understand and said when the time comes if I need to take time off work it can be arranged. Also I talked to the vet this morning & whatever it was they were looking for in her blood is still with in normal limits, although it is at the bottom of the normal range, so I have to take her back in another month or two. It's been difficult & to be honest I've been watching her the last couple days & I really don't think she's in any pain or discomfort. She at 1/2 a cup of food yesterday (which is a lot for her). So I guess now I've got time to read up on the anemia aspect of CRF. I've been reluctant to deal with her impending death becuase I felt like if I let her know I was preparing for it she might give up fighting. I tell her all the time that if she is too tired to fight anymore I will understand, and that I will be sad because I love her so much, but that if she is tired she can just let go I'll be OK. I know some may think it's strange, but I really think that she is not ready to die yet & that she is going to fight to stay alive for a while yet.
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Well there is great support and hugs here when you need it! Prayers flying for you and your cat.
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