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Litterbox Training Experiences

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Tell us about your litterbox training experiences! I think this thread could help alot of newbies with their new kittens...

With Zoe, I would watch her always, cause she's still a kitten and plenty capable of getting into too much mischief! She would start to scratch at the carpet when she had to go, and I would just put her in the litterbox. She would jump out. No matter how many times it took, I just kept putting her in there until she went. I kept doing this and now I don't have to watch and see if she scratches. She just goes in the litterbox automatically, we haven't had one accident yet! *knock on wood* It's only been 5 days, but still... I was kind of proud of her.

I guess I got lucky! What about ya'll?
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I've had Blossom since she was 3 w/o. The only mistakes was before she was old enough to use the litter box & I didn't watch her enough when she was exploring. Once I showed her how to scratch in the litter there hasn't been anymore mistakes.
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Most of my cats were beyond kittenhood when they came here and had litterbox behavior downpat. Paisley, our kitten, was just put in the box and she was fine with it. Cats are usually pretty good that way.
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Marmalade must have been trained before we got her as we had the litter box down in the hallway before she came to us. When we got home she explored around finding where her food was and then went up to the litter box nad jumped right in. I have since put a 'lid' on it and there is a cat flap for her to get in and out. She seems to like the privacy and it stops the cat litter flying everywhere too
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Luna would go when I went. So we would visit our "litter boxes" together.

At least I was never alone!
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