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OH how funny - I got an email that this thread had been replied to - I must have subscribed to it 3 years ago. But it did get me to look and login to The Cat Site again.

Vlinder, Anne & myself were all pregnant at the same time 3 years ago.

I now have 2 precious boys !!

Joshua 2 years and 4 months

and Sebastian 6 months old

I wonder how the other mommies are getting along. I will have to go do some searches to find out.
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Spike, when I saw that you had replied to this thread, I couldn't believe it! It is good to see you!
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I second that! And what gorgeous boys!!!!
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I don't know you but oh my what beautiful boys you have!
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Those kids are gorgeous!... they must be dynamite.

It seems to me that I did something good.
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Your baby's are very beautiful .
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Congrats on being pg. I am also pregnant. 6weeks and 3 days as of friday. How far alone are you?


EDD- November 16,2004
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What beautiful little boys! I bet they're a handful for you!

Welcome back!
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Lovely boys! Hope you come back to thecatsite now!
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Dang it ya'll. Now I wanna know how her mom liked her big mother's day package three years ago? *LMAO*
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Spike, your boys are beautiful. Victor it does seem as if you've done a good thing as Spike and TCS have now been reunited, how lovely. Nice to have you back!
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Yes Victor I would have to agree you have done a good thing.
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Woohoo! Welcome back Spike!

I really appreciate you coming back as I know too well how busy you must be Looks like we have been pregnant at the same time again! I too now have two boys with the little one being 4 and a half months old!

Josh and Sebastian are absoultely beautiful! Awesome pictures!

Here's little Dan - a picture from about 3 weeks ago. I have newer pictures but will have to upload them first.

Hope you can find the time to post from time to time and keep in touch!
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