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Leya!!! Finally I Put Some On Here!!!!

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Here's our baby girl Leya. For any of you that knew of her from a few months back and helped me out, she was the kitty that went blind after her surgery to be spayed. She has more than doubled in weight in two months!!! She's up to 6.5 lbs now!!!

Here she is!!!!!

It was so hard to get good pictures of her because she can tell when the light comes on right before the camera takes a picture. She's being silly in this picture trying to play with the light.

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haha i love that second one, my kitten does that too!
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Look at that cutie! She is such a pretty girl, so gorgeous I just that second pic She is too cute, bless her little heart
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Aww, adorable! Love to give that cute nose a kiss.
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She's really pretty. Can she see now? Or is she still blind?
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aww Leyla what a special cutie you are - love the one of her waving to us all

hows she doing ?
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Isn't she gorgeous That so sad what happend to her, but it makes her extra special
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What lovely pictures of your girl! She looks so sweet....and very healthy!
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Awww. What a beauty!! She looks so sweet!
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She is doing so GREAT!!! I can't believe how well kitties do without being able to see. She's a blast to play with and we have a fishing pole with a rattle toy on the end that she loves playing with. It's so funny to see her pounce on it because she can't see and sometimes, not very often, she will over shoot and wonder where on earth the toy is!

If she can see it's VERY little, but she really doesn't mind at all! I'm so glad!!! One of the funniest things to watch her do is when she gets the "Crazies" and jumps on the couch then up the wall, she loves slidding back down the wall. Our land lady is going to hate us when we move out!!!
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There's my little blind princess. I tell people all the time, it is amazing how well my Damita(blind) gets around! They adapt so well...
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Oh she looks like she is doing so well..She is beautiful, and playful.
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She is adorable, love that nose
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