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Locking cat flap problem

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I am new here. I have two 9 month old cats, brother and sister, Luigi and Matilda. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me.

We have installed a Staywell magnetic catflap. Our cats are not allowed outside at night, and so we set the flap to locked. Luigi, who is quite small and slim, managed to break through the flap even though it was locked (he did this 3 times in a row, the cunning devil!)

We now need to get a different sort of flap, as obviously this is no good whatsoever. Does anyone know whether any other makes of magnetic flap have a bigger, better locking mechanism than the Staywell one?

We need a magnetic one due to "alien" cats coming in, and we can't have an infrared one, since the collar keys are huge and are way too big for our diddy cats to carry around.

Can anyone help??
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We did this

The frame is a bit of picture rail, put on backwards so that there is a bit of a gap at the edge. At night or if we are going out we slot a bit of board in there, so they can't undo the catflap.
Hope that makes sense and helps
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Ah thanks - yes that's very clever. That might be a good solution.

Might need a longer term solution in winter though, as we like to set the flap to "in only" to trap them inside when we are out.
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Mine are only allowed out when we are home.
If they are in the garden when we are going out I just call them in.
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