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moving.. a little worried about the cat

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I'm moving into a house about 1/3rd the size of my current.. but, I live w/other people now and will be living alone, so for me it will be more roomy despite the smaller size. My cat, Roxygo, has the run of the place for the most part, but really only hangs out in certain places, so the size thing doesn't really worry me.. But the new house, several cats had lived in it before, and sorta messied it up.. The house was gutted and put back together w/all new materials (a la flip this house).. do you think there will be any issues? The walls, drywall, ceiling, etc all replaced. There was carpeting but took it down to the hardwood, cleaned that up, and am putting a new subfloor on top of the hardwood, then putting laminate on top.

Are there any suggestions on how to introduce the new place to roxygo? He's never been a problem before in the least, never sprayed or had nervous issues or anything, and I'd like to keep that up if possible. He's never moved before and I'm really nervous about it. He also is very uncomfortable around other cats and doesn't like their scents.. so.. I hope there aren't any lingering scents!

Any suggestions on making this transition super easy?

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I am not sure of the actually size of new home, but it is always best to introduce room by room, slowly increasing territory according to their reaction and comfort......The worst for your kitty is probably going to be the actual traveling, just be there for the first 20 hours or so , and I am sure he will feel much more comfort knowing this is some where you are, talk to him a lot and reassure him this is both of your's new home.....
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Tell hiim how excited you are about the new place and how he will love it. Make sure he is in a carrier if movers are involved. Keep him in one room with the door closed in the new place if movers are involved.

I think it's a good idea to introduce him to the new place room by room. Can you take his favorite toys and put them in the first room he becomes acquainted with? Make sure he has a litter box wherever he is.

I know you will both be fine. I don't think there will be any lingering smells. Give him some Rescue Remedy (Bachs Flower Essense) rubbed on the inside of his ears to calm him a little and take some yourself. Loads of luck and happiness.
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The hard part about it is because the house is so small it's all completely OPEN, there are no doorways, the only places that have doors are the bathroom and the basement, neither of which he would be happy being couped up in for long. There aren't even doorways to put something in front of, it's a completely open floorplan.

I think he'll be OK.. Me, I'll be a nervous wrecK! Luckily it's less than 5min from where I live now, so it will be a short and easy trip for us
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