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Thank you dear dear Mods!

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Today give me just another excuse to say a big

Thank You

To the wonderful team of wonderful people, aka the Mod Squad, that are running these boards. It's very simple - without you this place wouldn't exist! I know being a moderator can sometime be an ungrateful job, the pay is lousy, the hours are bad and I won't even mention the health plan And still you come through you wonderful people, making this little corner of the internet what it is.

Another big Thank you goes to all of you great members who are what makes this place so wonderful in the first place! We have grown into one of the largest online communities and it is all thanks to you guys!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Thank you Anne, for providing this place, this sanctuary my home within my home! With so much going on around you right now in your life and your country, it would be so easy to just give this up and concentrate on other things. Thanks for keeping the doors open here. And thanks to all of you who come here and make this place so very special.

Happy Turkey Day All!
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A very heartfelt Happy Thankgsgiving to everyone here. And how thankful are we all for all the hard work that Anne and the "Mod Squad" do for us all year long? Very thankful indeed! :tounge2:

You guys all do a fantastic job. Thanks so much for giving us all a little corner of the world to call our own.

XOXO from Jedi
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Thanks Anne, for giving us this home away from home! TCS and all of you are my extended family!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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To Anne and The Mod Squad!

A big heartfelt Thank you from your Canadian friend. You guys are awesome! You do a great job making everyone feel special and appreciated here. Your posts make me smile, bring tears to my eyes and just basically enable me to share feelings I don't necessarily do with my 'talking' friends. This is my place of peace. Thank you for making it so.

(((Congratulations Hug)))
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Thanks Anne. If you had not provided such a friendly community, I would never have stuck around. Now I gauge all boards I visit against this one....and few measure up. Now I've been around so long that you'll have to kick me out to get rid of me!
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Thank you all for the wisdom, friendships and laughs! I love this place & I really appreciate all of the hard work the mods do!
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A huge thank-you to Anne and all the Mods.

I really appreciate all the hard work you put into making this the best forum I have ever visited. The opportunity to make "faceless friends" (thank-you for that Bundylee) and a "safe" place to share news and views from around the world.

I'm finding it really difficult to express in words my appreciation to you all guys. So, just thank-you and big hugs.

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Absolutely Paula - couldn't agree more!

This is a lovely, safe and non-judgemental place where everyone makes everyone else feel loved and welcome.

This is in a large part due to the culture Anne has instilled in the site and also to the Mods who do a fabulous and often thankless job in keeping us all in order!!

Thanks all SO much.
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Thank YOU Anne for creating this safe haven for cat lovers on the web. We can all be crazy here, and no one gives us funny looks! LOL

Of course, there would be no need for Mods without all of the wonderful members. For being one of the largest online communities, it sure feels like a small family. I'm honored to have joined the Mod Squad, and I want to thank all of them too.
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Thank You Anne! You have given so many people a great place to come for advice and to meet people with a common interest. I agree with Deb25, I have been here 2 years now and wouldn't dream of leaving anytime soon
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Thank YOU ANNE!!!!!!! This place is truly wonderful! We all love it here, especially the MOD SQUAD!!!!!
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Hehe you know my thoughts, but is it possible you could add a snack bar in the far corner of the forums? I'm hungry
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BuNN~ I am so glad you are around. Right now I am LOL at that last little remark. There's nothing like an unexpected laugh to make my day.
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So, do the Mod Squad dress up in baggy suits, pork-pie hats and dance a la Madness? I have this bizarre mental image.
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Thank you Anne and the Mods for working the board "magic." It is WONDERFUL here!!!!!!!!
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How kind of you to think of us, Anne, when you are the one providing the site. It's an honor to be a part of the Mod Squad. Now, what's this about pay and benefits? Ummm, ah, am I missing something? :laughing2 Seriously, there is a benefit- having this home away from home! Thank you.
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Thank YOU Anne! For creating such a wonderful place for us to come and talk about our cats and anything else!!! We you!!!!!
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