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Phoebe having exploratory surgery this afternoon!

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Phoebe is my 8-year old orange tabby and she has CRF and asthma/allergies.

The CRF is manged with daily subQs, Famotidine, Norvasc, Benazepril. and the asthma/allergies aremanged with an inhaler, Flovent, Albuterol and Atopica. She has been doing very well for a couple of years now.

About a month ago, her appetite started deteriorating and a couple of weeks ago, she was just not acting right, so I took her in for bloodwork, U/A. The results were actually pretty good - in 3 months, her creatinine had gone from 2.5 to 2.7 (range 0.8-2.4) and BUN frm 23 to 22 (range 16-36) - all other values within range. We added Cyproheptadine (appetite stimulant) and Metoclopromide (anti nausea) to her med list and she did better as far as eating but was drugged out and acting funny - staring at the walls -sitting in corner facing the wall, sleeping under my bed. She was responsive and would come right out when I called her, but still... things she had never done before and I could tell she didn't feel well.

Took her off the Cypro Tuesday and she continued to eat fairly well til yesterday and she just became less and less interested - had to coax her, etc.. Then last night - just a few licks. And this, from a cat who a month ago got so excited at mealtime, she would stand on her hind legs and bring the bowl down with her paws.

So I took her into the vet this AM and she said the symptoms do not correlate with the bloodwork - her kidneys are "ok" so it must be something else.

They ended up doing an ultrasound and xrays and she said the intestines are thickened significantly and something about the bile ducts leading away from the gallbladder. She mentioned Triad Disease, which is the combo of IBD, Pancreatitis and Cholangeal Hepatitis.

The only was of for sure knowing, is to do exploratory surgery and do biopsies.

Sooooooo........... she is having surgery this afternoon. My poor little girl!!
Any thoughts, prayers, well wishes for my little orange girl would be greatly appreciated!!

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I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you and Phoebe. I hope the surgery goes well and you can get some good answers re. something easy to treat.

She's a gorgeous girl. Please keep us updated.
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Good luck for Phoebe's surgery!
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What a beautiful girl! I hope they find out what's wrong with her and it's nothing too serious. It sounds like you take wonderful care of her and you both deserve a break from more meds!

Hugs and headbumps from me and my crew.

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Many positive thoughts for Phoebe's surgery. I hope that whatever is found can be easily treated. Hugs to you and sweet Phoebe.
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I hope the surgery went well. Please keep us updated. Best wishes for you and your little girl. She is beautiful. You are a good mom.
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I wish you and phoebe only the best! Lexi had exploratory surgery on her neck when they could not figure out why it kept dripping.
Bless you for having such a big heart and just wanting to give her the best life possible. All those meds and fluids on a daily basis must get demanding at times, but you do what you have to for the ones you love. I wish there were more generous and caring souls out there like you.
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Sending good thoughts to Phoebe.
Please let us know how the surgery went.

Phoebe is beautiful.
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Hope to hear she's home recovering with you soon, and that all went well.
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Phoebe is a beautiful girl. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything was good today with her surgery.
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awww!! Thanks everyone! Y'all are just too sweet!

I picked Phoebe up from the vet a little before 7pm and she is home now. Very drugged out on pain meds, but she is ok. She is lying on a blanket with a heating pad and a blankie on top of her to keep her warm.

She has a big long incision up her abdomen with staples and stitches. Looks like a zipper!

The surgery went well. My vet took 4 biopsies (2 bowel, lymph nodes and pancreas) and should have some results later this weekend so will call and let me know. She said liver and gall bladder look good.

Phoebe is supposed to be wearing an E-collar, but that was a no-go cuz she is able to fit her paw into the plastic and then her leg gets stuck and she flips on her back and freaks out. I think the one they gave her is too big! I have one from Buick's surgery last year that I am going to try - if I can find it. This is what I get for straightening things up.

I got someone to cover for me tomorrow afternoon but I HAVE to go to work in the AM and give the diabetic cats their insulin, feed all the cats and change out the litterboxes. I will only be gone 3-4 hours and the vet said that is fine.

BUT, with this collar thing, I may drop her off at my vet before work and have them give me a different collar and have them watch her for a few hours.

I am sooo exhausted! The whole day including surgery cost $2,437 My unemployment check was supposed to come and instead I got a letter saying that I filled it out wrong so I have to resend it. Yeah, like I needed even LESS money to pay rent with next week.

And so apparently I am going to be up all night watching her without her collar to make sure she doesn't bother her incision. I was thinking of setting my alarm for every 15 minutes or so. Any ideas?
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I've heard of people using baby t-shirts (but that only works if you have one on hand). Depending on your cat's size, a large stretch sock might work if you cut the toe end off. You can also try making your own e-collar out of a paper plate or some cardboard:

Best of luck tonight! Odo sympathizes as I had to dig out an e-collar for him to keep him from pawing at his mouth--he has sutures on both sides from some extractions earlier today.
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You should be able to adjust the e-collar. The one I have for Pippin was taped together and I took it apart and retaped it a few times when it got dirty. Maybe you can make it snugger around the neck. I also used his collar to attach it to him. It was more secure than the weird gauze tie they put on it.

I hope they discover what's going on with her!

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Im glad she is home now. Hopefully she will be a good girl and not mess with her sutures Did the Dr say when the results would be in? Heres hoping that its nothing serious and heres some money vibes, too!
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that the results are good.
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More good biopsy results vibes for Phoebe. It's good to hear that she is doing well so far.
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I really hope there are good results. How scary to have your baby going through this
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What a night last night! I set my alarm for every 15-30 minutes to check on her. She was zonked all night long, but one time I woke up and she had moved, and it took me several minutes to find her - she was under the bed. Talk about heart attack!

I ended up taking her to the vet this AM before work and they were like - of course that collar is too big! I left her there for a few hours while I went to work so they could keep an eye on her - they didn't even charge me for it! They said the incision looks good and to make sure she ate today, since she didn't eat yesterday and ate very little the day before. She is no way feeling like eating, so I have to assist feed her for now. I gave her 2 syringes full of the new Royal Canin Recovery RS. I will give her a couple more when I give her fluids in an hour or 2.

They gave me a new collar but she is so drugged out I haven't even put it on her yet.

So now comes my paranoia.... I am soooo worried about her! She just lies there, head down to the ground, eyes open. She has gotten up to move a few times, but doesn't make it very far, and usually tries to head under the bed where I don't want her to go.

I called the urgent care vet - they are always sooooo nice there!! She said it is a major surgery and of course she doesn't feel well, but if I felt she wasn't ok, to bring her in. I may do that in the AM, but I guess I just really need to leave her alone! That's so hard, cuz I feel so bad for her and I am worried!!

I keep trying to tell myself this is normal - cuz that is what the vet said. And actually, it's only been a little over 24 hours, huh? Man, I am so lame.

So how do I get through another night? And should I put her in the bathroom in the AM with her litter box and a nice warm bed with blankets? And leave the collar on or off then? I will be gone about 2-3 hours. Or should I take her to urgent care so they can watch her while I am at work? I have no money tho and my vet said I could be gone for a few hours cuz she is just going to sleep anyways.
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I think she'll be fine in the bathroom. Her just laying there head to the ground eyes open isn't too "abnormal". My dog had exploratory surgery & slept like that for a few days. It is one of the scariest things ever. I would keep a very close eye on her for now & decide right before you must go to work.
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Oh Im sorry things are so worrisome for you..... I wish I had some answers for you. I am NOT GOOD with medical emergencies AT ALL so I understand your position.

I will continue to send vibes for you both. Poor little Phoebe hopefully the resting is good for her.
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Do you know what kind of anesthesia they used? Some of the side effects you are seeing may be due to that--some anesthesias take awhile to fully leave the body.
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Phoebe is niot doing well at all. I took here to Urgent Care this AM around 6:00 She just was still not being responsive.

They said she is a "very sick kitty" and have her on all sorts of machines and meds. It could be her liver - liver enzymes are off, she can't regulate her body temp, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I just got back from seeing her. They have her on a heating thing that blows warm air under here and around her, IV bags w/ dextrose and antibiotics, plasma and a feeding tube down here nose. She has this big wrap around her neck - looks like an ace bandage that monitors her hydration level so they don;t overhydrate.

My vet went to see her this AM and said she looked like $*%* and would not respond when she tapped on her head and face. The GOOD thing is that she did respond to me - she lifted her head and turned it toward me. She did that 2-3 different times. We still do not have the biopsy results but my vet said that even if we do and if what she has is treatable, she is very sick and may not make it or I may need to put her down. I am soo not ready for this.

The estimate from urgent care was $2,000-4,000! I don't HAVE $2,000-4,000! I was trying to figure out where RENT money was coming from this week. If she makes it through she will probably need to be transferred to the Critical Care facility for who knows how long. But I am thinking too far ahead with that. I have to go step by step with this.

They were finishing her last unit of plasma when I left and are going to start her Clinicare - the feeding tube. Hopefully she will keep that down and then they will recheck blood in a few hours and see if she is responding to treatments. And depending on the results, I will have to make some decisions to make. I plan on heading back around 6 or 7pm to visit with my little orange girl.

So PLEASE extra prayers and good thoughts for my little girl would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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OMG! I am so sorry you & Phoebe are going through this! Please keep us updated.
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For you and Phoebe.
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Sending vibes and hugs.
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Oh no, I'm so sorry.
I'll keep you and Phoebe in my Prayers.
Please keep us updated on how she is doing.
Bless her little heart.
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I'm sorry to hear that she's doing so much worse.
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I'm sorry to hear the latest news. I will be thinking of you and Phoebe.
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I'm so sorry to hear that Phoebe is not doing well. Hugs and positive vibes to both of you.
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What ended up happening to your little girl? My kitty, Meagan, just had exploratory surgery for the same thing on Thursday and I can't get her to keep any food down...she was eating/managing through the tubefeeding before the surgery and eating on her own and now nothing. I'm getting biopsy results on Monday. It's very scary. I hope that your Phoebe pulled through. *hugs*
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