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CFA & TICA Grand Titles

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I am curious at what title in TICA would be close to the equivalent of the Grand title in CFA? I know the grand title in TICA is much easier to attain then in CFA. I also know to achieve the Supreme title in TICA the cat needs one best of cat so that is harder to attain than the grand in CFA.
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Not sure cause I don't do TICA (no shows nearby). Anyway I do know that in CFA championship you need 200 points (one point per champion defeated). In CFA premiership (alter) you need 75 pts (one pt per premier defeated).

Does that help you any? I figure that TICA you need certain number of points for each level after the initial grand up to supreme?
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Does that help you any?
No it doesn't sorry In CFA and TICA you earn points differently. In CFA you get points only by beating other cats and if you are a minority breed like Somalis the only way to get points is by getting a final because you are the only cat of that breed in that class. I believe in TICA you get points by beating cats and by your ribbons. So it is easier to earn points in TICA than CFA. So it is easier to grand in TICA than CFA but TICA has more titles than CFA like double, triple, quad, and Supreme. I am guessing QG is closer to the GC in CFA. It can't be the supreme because you don't need a best cat in CFA to grand. See what I am saying?
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Yes, I know its complicated sometimes I would guess then Quad Grand is the same as Grand (CFA).

I had to deal with the frustration of points when showing Spooky. He never had any "breed" to deal with; only other premiers. And in most rings the premiers were only about 6-7 cats in the group - he'd get a lot of Best or 2nd Best Premier but only wind up with 4 and 5 points per ring. If it was a higher premier count, you can get the points faster.

Will be worse with Charlie, as he will not be shown every month. Lets hope he can get a few Best Premiers in the AB rings!
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Ok I'll try and explain it, but keep in mind I have only been two TICA shows.

After vetting in you put your kitty in their numbered pen. There are five rings (each one is like a seperate competition), in your program you will find a sheet that has all the competitions going on in each of the rings. At this point I will mark each competition Hopey qualifies for, so all breed kittens and short haired kittens. Each ring has cages and they will call out your kittens number when it needs to be shown, and you have to take your kitten to the ring and place them in the cage with their number.

If your kitty gets a best of colour ribbon they get 25 point, 2nd best is 20, 3rd is 15, 4th 10 etc

If the get a best of div thats 25 and 2nd best is 20, there are no more than two.

Then there are the finals which can be the 10 best all breed kitten, shorthairs, etc each ribbon brings on points.


Champion: 300 points and 1 final
Grand Champion: 1000 points 6 finals
Double Grand Champions: 2000 i final in top five or ten I think

I know neuters and hhp have similar titles for the same number of point and titles. Master, Grand Master, Double Grand Master. etc.

This is from what I remember so number of point could be wrong...
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