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Wednesday's DT

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Hello all,

I have never actually started the daily thread, so I have no idea if I am doing this right, but I wanted to wish everyone who celebrates it this week a very Happy Thanksgiving.

We were supposed to get some nasty snow last night, just in time for the holiday but amazingly, there is a little snow on the grass and tress, but the roads are nice and safe, and oddly, the sun is shining. Although it is darn cold out there.

I baked last night in preperation for the holiday, I made a Pumpkin Pie cake, and as those close to me know, I am not a baker, so say a small prayer for my family that they don't die of food poisoning or salmonella or something.

Oh, and just to throw in a little rant, I work on a computer helpdesk. Sometimes I have to work with programmers to get certain software issues fixed, well thanks god for Thanksgiving, because if I had to deal with programmers one more day with them telling me I don't know what the he!! I am talking about I might have to commit some horrible crime! *grin*

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Happy Thanksgiving! Today is Bill's last day at work, until Dec. 9.

We're leaving for Vegas, on Sunday.

Got some Christmas presents wrapped, this morning. Of course, I don't have the right size box, for one of Bill's.

Started transferring my jewelry into the new armoire, ably "assisted" by Rowdy. I am missing a sterling silver earring, in the image of Bastet. Hopefully, it will turn up, soon. I must say, though, she only steals the nicer pieces.

Have a safe holiday, all.
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I hope everyone isn't working too hard today. I know I'm not. It has been EXTREMELY slow today here at work. I've only had about 20 calls and I've almost been here for 4 hours! I don't even know why the office is open today because there is like NO ONE here.

Hopefully we'll get to leave early. We're just waiting on the word from the president's secretary about when we get to leave. I think it will be about 3pm or so, since that was about when we go to leave last year.

I hope everyone has a Happy Turkey Day!!! Eat up!
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Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! Well I have been so busy here at work I hardly ever get to drop by here anymore! I will try to post as often as possible, but I am learning new job duties to cover someone who will be taking a maternity leave. I am doing alot more work. Don't they know that work time is TCS time.

I hope that everyone has a nice day and please forgive me if i don't post as often!
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Ya did great starting the DT, Jamie! (It is a bit daunting the first time you start one, isn't it? Have no idea why, it is just another thread... )

I'm pretty happy, I only have another hour at work and then I get to go home and bake. I'm making cheesecake, since I don't like pumpkin pie. Actually, two of them since Earl and I can't agree on one that we both like. OK, actually it was more of him insisting that he have one kind that I don't like and he knows I don't like it, so it was either make another one that I like or don't eat what I made. He's such a brat sometimes.

I'm excited for Thanksgiving. I love it! Love making the bird, watching the cats go insane because they can smell something wonderful but they can't figure out where it is, love eating the feast, spending time at home and just enjoying the day. As long as we don't end up fighting over how to make the side dishes (which we did last year - how stupid is that???) the day should be great!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating it, and to everyone else, happy hump day!
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I'm a bit nervous about thanksgiving. This is the first year I've hosted it. It's just going to be my parents, mike, and myself, and possibly a friend with no place to go, but it's kind of nerve wracking. We did a trial run a month ago with some friends, but it's not the same. I feel like I have to clean the apartment from top to bottom, decorate, etc. Time to get started!
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Happy Thanksgiving All!

Jamie - ENJOY THE DAY OFF. And I'm sure the cake will be lovely.

Cindy - have a FABULOUS trip!!!! Don't forget us - POST PICS when you get back!!!!!!

Spooky - that just means you get to spend more time on TCS today!

Ady - you keep threatening, but it's so lovely that you always find SOME time!

Heidi - don't forget those pics!

Myste - good luck - I'm sure it'll be fantastic! Gary and I stopped trying to "impress" people a long time ago. Although he's kind of a germophobe, so we keep the place clean - it's just those PILES of things because we have so little space!

As for us, we're not working today. Had to go to the hospital this morning for some nuclear something test for my Thyroid (still trying to figure out what's wrong with these infections or whatever thy are in my parotid gland and have a family history of Thyroid problems, which tests came back with high levels of whatever they test for). The technician had a question I couldn't answer, so called the Doc - and guess what? I didn't have to have the test! It would have been some shot with cesium (low-level radioactive stuff), then a nuclear scan like an MRI, and then return four hours later for another one. But I don't have to do it! YAY! we got to head over to the butcher's early to pick up our Turkey...and the butcher tells us he smoked an extra turkey - did we want it? Of course Gary does! It JUST came out of the smoker...and so we come home with TWO birds - one hot out of the smoker and BOY DOES IT SMELL GOOD! The cats, usually napping this time of day, went NUTS when we came in the house. What a GREAT new smell!!! Well, needless to say we just had a smoked turkey sandwich for lunch... I know, I know, we're cheating. But WOW is that gooooooooood!

We're having a friend up tomorrow (his wife left him earlier this year), so there are two 12-pound birds for three people! Gary went nuts and came home with FIVE PIES yesterday. Apple, Raspberry, Pumpkin, Dutch Apple, and strawberry-rhubarb. OMG - I think we're trying to set a record for leftovers.

Well - it turns out there are several loners here in the park who's families are too far away for them to travel to be with (electrical contractors), so while our home is barely large enough for three, we're going to cook ALL the food and the three of us will take the early dinner and all the fixins to our Park neighbors who are alone for the holiday.

We don't have to work again until Monday!

Oops - one more thing. WOW was the snow beautiful this morning! It snowed about 3 or so inches here - enough to highlight every little branch on every tree and bush. The sun was out as we drove into town - and it was like an amazing wonderland. Too bad we didn't think to bring the camera. There was no traffic out - so Gary pulled up to a stoplight and leaned over to give me a big kiss - it was just SO magical out! I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful "winter" wonderland scene (and I grew up with snow!). I guess it's living in the wilderness out here - with the trees sweeping over the road, making a tunnel of lace. It was just incredible. Another thing to give thanks for!

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I have an idea...those who can, take pics of your feast to share with the site! (Just tell me if I'm being dumb...I won't take it badly, I swear!)

Laurie, you have just met your first three Turkey Vultures! The kitties are so funny when I make turkey. The first year we had them, Trent tried to climb IN the oven to get that bird! I about had a heart attack!! Now they just wander around all morning crying because they can't find it. Funny thing is, we prepare little plates for them with turkey, a little gravy, little sample of most stuff for them to taste (not more than a lick of anything but the turkey). Last year, they sniffed at the turkey on their plate and turned away. But they still were vultures for OUR plates! LOL
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I LOVE the holiday feast pic idea! Of course, we have no dining table or anything (we took the dining room out to make room for "office" long time back - now it's basically just full of cat stuff. But I'll do my best!

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This place is DEAD! A lot of people took off to be with their families. Dad's driving in from Maryland, and should be here around 3 or 4. He wanted to avoid any snow in the Pennsylvania mountains. We got a little here (1 inch) but it looked really pretty last night when it was coming down. Ivo still doesn't really understand snow. She thinks its really small pigeon feathers (and she loves her pigeon feathers!).

My Thanksgiving dinner plans are really easy-drive 10 minutes to a restaurant They have a fixed entree meal (about 6 entrees), salad or soup and dessert for a fixed (and very reasonable) price. I love their french onion soup, so I hope they have it tomorrow. Ivo doesn't like leftovers, but I'll try again this year.

I hope everyone here (American or not) has a peaceful and restful Thanksgiving. See you after the turkey!

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Woah... Jamie starting a DT... the day after *baking*... what is the world coming to? :LOL: (BTW - She's serious, please pray for her family's health after eating her cake. :laughing2 )

Anyway, I have more baking to do tonight... I baked a cheesecake last night, and tonight I have apple crisps to work on.
Heidi - what kind of cheesecakes did you bake? I like baking... it's the cooking I'm not so great at.

LDG - 5 pies?? For 3 people?? I think you win the mass amount of desserts per person competition. We're having 7 desserts for 10 people (apple pie, pumpkin pie, vanilla pudding pie, pumpkin roll-up, irish cream cheesecake, apple crisp and rice krispie treats)... and I thought we were bad.
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You know, I hate to say it, and I'll probably get flamed for it, but we all rib Gary about it. He IS Jewish, and his "food thing" really is just so stereotypical!

I told him he was NUTS when he came in with MORE pies yesterday (and one on order, that we picked up this morning). I think we're going to run two over to the Vet's this afternoon... they've really been good to us. The question is....which two? that just leaves three pies for (well - because we're feeding three others in the park - for six. That's still 1/2 a pie each - after all that Turkey!!!!! ...not to mention the veges and potatoes, etc. etc. etc.!!!!)
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jgaruba - Thanks for the faith in my baking :P. As you guys may have guessed I don't bake, I actually like to cook, which makes Jenn and I good friends. I cook, she bakes, and all is right with the world. Now that I have dabbled, I think I will leave it to the Brat, er ahem, I mean Jenn .

LDG - Rasberry pie? Can I be the first to say yum? And I say more desserts the merrier. 'Course that is probably why I am in a plus size .

Myste - Don't worry about a thing, you will do great. And as for the state of the apartment, no worries, people are there for the food , or at least they should be darnnit I remember the first time I made a turkey. I, umm, kinda squirted one of my best friends with scalding hot turkey juice when attempting to baste the bird. She was clear across the room. I picked up the baster thingy and filled it and lifted it straight in the air, and who knew with it like that it would go clear across the room without even applying pressure to the squeezy thingy. Umm...sorry 'bout that Jenn :laughing: Moral of the story, if you don't burn anyone, it is a good dinner .
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OMG, Laurie - you're getting a double-whammy. Thanksgiving on Thursday and Hannukah begins on Saturday. The thought of crispy brown latkes, almost, makes me want to convert.
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If there's any leftovers, send them up my way!

Our Thanksgiving was so long ago I'm sure Ady and I could do with another piece of pie...another drumstick...throw in a potatoe latke

Just make sure to wrap well!

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Wait a second... you mean the only reason we're good friends is because you cook and I bake?? And I didn't forget that so-called "accident" with the turkey juice, missy! It was not funny! :LOL:

And Myste, don't listen to Jamie. The people are really there to spend time with their family and friends, THEN EAT , and they don't care if your house is spotless or not.
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I am really trying to get to that 3000th post, but it seems just out of reach! Urgh!

Laurie - if you send me a raspberry pie I promise I'll be on-line more often! Honest! (although it looks like my work load is going to increase even more - I've just been told I will need a bigger desk!)
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They should put warning labels on those basters!! LOL I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but now it's hilarious! I've never hit anyone with it, but I have managed to soak the entire counter with turkey juice trying to get the drippings from the pan to the gravy.

I love baking too, but I don't do it very often. My problem is that I like making it, but I don't like too many sweets so I don't eat (much of) it. Besides, baking at my mom's house was fun - plenty of counter space, a huge table to work on - but baking in an apartment with no counter space and a small table just doesn't work as well, especially for going all out on Christmas cookies.

I have one of the cheesecakes in the oven right now and it is HUGE!!! That's the one for hubby. It's a New York style cheesecake with cherry pie filling on top (the filling is way too sweet for me!). The thing called for 4 packages of cream cheese, 1 cup of sour cream and 4 eggs. The one I'm making for me is a dark chocolate marble cheesecake. I'm planning on bringing some into the office on Monday because neither of us need to eat an entire cheesecake by ourselves.

Speaking of overdoing it, we always end up doing this on Thanksgiving. It's just the 2 of us and we have a 21 lb. turkey, sweet potatoes (the BIG can!), mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, gravy, asparagus, cranberry sauce and 2 cheesecakes. LOL We'll be eating this meal for a month!
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Well, I just emerged from the kitchen and a day of baking for tomorrow. I made an apple pie, 2 chocolate pudding, and 2 pumpkin pies. I am dying to taste the pumpkin. I used the recipe I usually use, but got a little daring and made the second one with a non-standard ingredient- apple butter. It looks fantastic, and how I will keep from sneaking a piece tonight, I'll never know. Can't wait until the big turkey day tomorrow. It is the one and only holiday I really get stoked about.

Ady~ I know you will not forsake Caption This. You are a regular.

All the blessings of Thanksgiving to all of you~ no matter where you are.
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Happy Thanksgiving USA citizens.

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia (obviously!) - but all this talk of good, good food is making me hungry.

My husband's mother does a full English Christmas dinner with turkey, vegetables, bread sauce, chippolatas, yorkshire pudding (and Christams is in the middle of summer here, 35-40 degrees Celcius). They came to Australia from England about 10 years ago and can't give up their Christmas dinner.

Hey, I'm posting on the Wednesday thread, and it's actually Thursday here!

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Ady - They told you you're going to need a bigger desk? Wow! Just PM me your address, and it's on the way.... You promised!

Manomi - lots of great food - but LOTS of extra pounds!! LOL!

Deb25 - I so look forward to the time when we can bake our own pies! There's no place to roll out the dough here! :tounge2:
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LDG~ Roll out what dough??? I took the easy way out with premade crusts. I saw your kitchen. I was gonna post a pic of mine, which is pretty tiny, too, but it was too big to attach.
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I just got home a little while ago and set up my table. I picked up small 'centerpiece' from the florist today, and it really makes the table look inviting. I'm so proud of myself! (You have to understand I don't have a BIT of creativity in me!)

I have so much to do tonight to get ready for tomorrow. We're not having that many people over (6 total) but I want everything to be 'just right'. All the people coming over don't have family in the area, so I'm sure everyone will miss their 'traditional' meal even though I'm doing everything I can to make dinner enjoyable for everyone!

Of course, I have so much to do that I'm in here reading instead of actually accomplishing anything!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone just in case I don't get a chance to sneak in here tomorrow and tell you all!
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Happy Wednesday! Have been off from work all week...mandatory vacation. Supposedly it provides some sort of cost-savings to the company so we were required to take vacation Thanksgiving and Christmas week this year.

Went shopping today and have been baking. We are having dinner with my family tomorrow and I am bringing blueberry cobbler! YUM!! :tounge2:

Also made a pumpkin pie for Mike's Dad and Stepmom (they prefer mine for some reason... ) and an apple pie for us and another blueberry cobbler for us and his Dad and Stepmom to split. Also baking some chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies.

My gosh...I feel fat already!!!

Not much else going on today but baking. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. For those of you travelling, please be careful out on the highways. This is the most travelled day of the year and I want to be able to chat with everyone tomorrow night and we can all commiserate about how we ate too much...and OH the tryptophan!
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