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Welcome to the World, Tiffin!

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I have great pleasure in introducing Tiffin, a little boy born to Maisie at 2.30 AM this morning.

All went well, the vet has been and mother and baby are doing just fine. One of his forelegs is slightly bent more than it should be, but the vet thinks it is nothing, just one of those birth things that will correct itself. Maisie is being the incredibly good mum that she is, but is letting me touch him, and he is getting used to the feel and smell of people.

Here are more pix:

Where's the food? Let me at it!

This was taken by my plumber, who arrived at 8.30 this morning. Tiffin looks as if he is coping with being born better than I am!
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww well hello Tiffin!!!!! Weve all been waiting for you!.

Jenny he's gorgeous! Was it a great experience for you Jenny?
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oh my what a little treasure and such a lovely colour and look at that gentle face, sweet he looks real well and mum Maisie must be the happiest horse in the world

you all done real good
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Oh my god, what a beautiful little creature! It's not often i get to see foals out in the country, they are always hiding in the grass! lol Congratulations!
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Awwwwww what a cutie pie!!! Congrats on the new baby.And I love that name.
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Oh good Lord just pick me up off the floor

What a darling little precious angel
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He is beautiful
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OMG Jenny, he is adorable! So glad everything went well for Maisie and you.
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He is gorgeous!!!!
Congratulations to all of you! He's sooooooo cute!
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He's absolutely precious!
So glad everything went well.
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Congratulations!!! He is gorgeous!
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Finally!!! I can imagine the relief you are feeling. He is an adorable boy.

How is Tartine reacting?

And don't forget to change your siggy line to 3 ponies!
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What a cute little baby! Congrats sweetie! I'm so happy for you!
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He's just beautiful!
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Congratulations!!! He is sooo cute!!
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Oh what a little sweetie! I'm so pleased everything went well for you and Maisie!
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OMG! How completely totally adorable!

I'm so glad everything went well!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the world, indeed, little Tiffin!

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Jenny...he's gorgeous Now maybe you can get some sleep

Welcome to the world Tiffin
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He is gorgeous!!!!
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Look at that beautiful face!!
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I can't see any pictures here at work with all the firewalls - I'm so sad.

I've been waiting impatiently with you Jennie to see this baby and now I have to wait until I get home tonight.
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OMG!!!!! what a cutie pie!! love the name too
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What a cutie he is! Congratulations!
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I know nothing about horses so this is probably a stupid question,
Are those little hoofs sharp or are they soft until they are born?
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OMG! He's is SOOOO cute!

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He is absolutely stunning. What a miracle - to be able to witness his birth must have been amazing!
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I have been SO waiting for this thread!! Congrats! Tiffin is a beauty!! And, love the name too. Now, GET SOME SLEEP!
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Awww what a cute boy. I love the patch of white on his forehead and his little hooves.
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