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I just started wearing make up a few months ago when I bought it for my homecoming dance. I got Clinique because my mom is an oddball and is convinced that any cosmetic product that can be purchased at a drug store will make your face fall off or something. I really like it though the colors match my skintone very well. Sometimes the only people who can tell that I am wearing it are me and my best friend.
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I've used the Bare Escentuals line for about a year now, and I really like it. Its all powder/mineral based too. We recently got a Sephora in our area that carries it, and that's when I got hooked. My make up only takes about 5 minutes to put on now, and I don't have to put my fingers into anything.

In the fall, I work for a professional Halloween Haunted House production, so I get plenty of time with the grease paint/airbrush paint then.
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I wear only MaryKay products, I swear by everything they make. I've been wearing it since I was like 16, everything they have is just awesome!
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There's a MaryKay office near me but ive never worn their stuff before. That mineral stuff we have in Oz but it's kind of expensive, but it looks like it works really well
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