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Am I crazy?

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So Squitty (Squirrel Kitty) has developed a fascination with water. We've determined that she is some sort of Miane Coon mix- super bushy tail, 13 pounds and growing (not fat) at a year and a half, water resistant coat, etc. But anyways, the cat seems to LOVE water. She splashes it everywhere, likes to roll in the wet bathtub, and oddly enough, loves her baths, and likes to run around in the water we fill for her. We have to keep the toilet lid down because, well, lets just leave it at we have to keep the toilet lid down. She doesn't care for running water, and it actually seems to frighten her a bit (the only thing she shows any signs of fear of, incidentally), though she is drawing a bit closer to the creek each time we let her out there.

But with that in mind, am I crazy to think that she may enjoy swimming? And if so, where do I start? Do I take her down to the pool and plop her in? (We're in Tahoe and have strict regs with the pool water, no chlorine or any of that). Do I get her a little life jacket and let her wear it so that she can get used to being in the water without worrying about sinking?

Lastly, really, am I nuts?
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I have a pool and I've had cats falling in either voluntarily or by accident. I have discouraged it. Pool water is bad for the cats (chlorine is not the only chemical).

I do not think you are nuts. There are cats that like water and know how to swim. I have 2.
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Thanks for your reply. Our pool actually does not have chemicals in it, because we're on forest service land, we have to use a filtration system that does not use any chemicals that could be harmful to local wildlife or vegetation, (especially because we have to drain all of the water out at the end of the summer season) so we have a sand filtration system.

Would taking her to one of the local lakes be better? The water is, naturally, colder than the pool (which is heated to a nice 70+ degrees) but she doesn't seem too concerned with cold water. (Our tap water comes out at 38-40 degrees depending on the season and she keeps playing in it anyway. The crazy.)
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