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OMG! Rhis is so sad.

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I was just coming home from work about 5 minutes ago, and when I looked over into the bushes(I don't know what made me look over there), I saw the saddest looking cat ever. It was a torti (i think thats right), medium haired, and what looked like a female. The poor thing is so skinny that you can see its ribs. It started meowing and came right up to me and started muzzling my leg. It followed me all the way to the appartement building. I was going to run in and get the poor thing some food, but when I came back, it wasnt' there.
I feel so bad for the poor thing. I called my fiance, and he said that if we can still find it when he gets home later tonight, then we'll make some phone calls and see what we can do. I think he wants to keep it, but i don't know.
I'm worried about Zorro catching something.
If the cat staying away from Zorro in a crate and doesn't touch him, can Zorro still get feLV or any other disease? Of course she would have to get tested, de-flead, and vaccinated before we could let her around Zorro, but until then, is it safe to let her into the house?
i hope we can find her again.
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Awww, your very sweet to try and take this little one in.. I hope you find her
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I hope that you find her.
My Mixy is a tortie too.
Best of luck.
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I went out looking for the cat about an hour ago, and I found her! She was walking around the parking lot of the appartment up the street.
I gave her a little food, and she followed us home. We set up a wire crate for her out in the living room(Zorro's in the bedroom). It took her a few minutes to settle down, and she's being very vocal, but other than that she seems fine.
I checked her(she had huge nipples so I'm assuming its a female) over for fleas and surprisingly enough I didn't see any. I'm going to give her a capstar and some flea treatment anyways though. I also gave her a small amount of wet kitten food since she's so skinny. I'm going to give her a little more later on today. I don't want to overfeed her right now.
I'm going to see if one of the clinics around here will give her a free check up and maybe give me a deal on a leukemia test.
I'm hoping she's not pregnant, but there's a good chance since she's an outdoor un-spayed cat. If she is though, I'll deal with that then.
I took some pictures of her, ill post them in a bit.
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Gothic, how wonderful you found kitty. The kitty is very lucky to have found someone to care for her.
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Originally Posted by gothicangel69 View Post
I checked her(she had huge nipples so I'm assuming its a female) over for fleas and surprisingly enough I didn't see any.
I'm glad you found her. Huge nipples ... are they very well exposed? I mean, is the hair parted away from them, making them very obvious? If so, there's a good chance she's been nursing kittens.

Torties are females, very very few rare exceptions.
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Thanks for taking care of her! I'm not an expert, but I wouldn't worry about overfeeding her right now. When we first brought Mia in, she was a very skinny stray, and she ate 2-3 times the recommended amount for a few days. Then once she gained a little weight she started eating normally.
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Her nipples are very noticable, but i don't think she's nursing since they arn't swollen or red or anything. I was thinking that maybe she just weaned some kittens, but I'm assuming i would have seem them around, so I'm not sure. I'm going to try and get her an appointment for wednesday, so I'm sure the vet might have an idea.
Her stomach looks a little bloated, but that could also be from worms. I'm not sure.
Anyways, I got some pictures, so here they are. She's a torti right?

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What a beautiful cat!

Great job on taking her in.
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Oh what a sweet face she has. It doesn't sound like she is a real "feral" since she came right up to you. I hope that you can get her to the vets quickly. I, too, would worry that she had kittens stashed someplace - maybe one of the experienced fosters or breeders can make a suggestion as to what to look for (other than exposed nipples) to see if she is nursing. Anyway, thanks for taking her in - and it sounds like maybe she has a new home!
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Well, let me change my mind on the speculation...Very noticeable nipples and bloated belly...hmm. I think I would be cautious about any medicine you give her until you see the vet. She could be pregnant. Sorry for the scary thought. Could be worms, like you said.

Yes, she's a torti A very pretty one.
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she's adorable. So glad she has a home.
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Well, if she is pregnant, I'm not too worried. I'd rather her have them inside, than outside and have them turn feral. I think that she used to be someone;s pet and they moved away and couldn't take her, so they just threw her outside. It happens alot around here.
If she is pregnant and does have kittens, the pet store I work at takes in litters, vaccinates them, vet checks them, and leukemia tests them before selling them, so If I can't find GOOD homes for them, then thats always an option.
I know my friend has been looking for a kitten for a long time now but can't find the right one. She loves this cat, so I'm sure she'd take one of the kittens(she wants the cat too, lol)
I'm still thinking about names. Anyone have any suggestions?
*p.s.- she's sound asleep right now, lol*
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I am glad that you found the cat and I am even gladder that you are taking care of her right now, please keep us updated on her.
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She's doing really good today. She had lots of pees (which is a god thing right?) and she had a bowel movement. It was very very light and hard, so I've been feeder her almost all wet food hoping that will losen the stool a little.
I ran out of wet cat food(by cat doesn't get wet food, but I had an old can of his kitten food stashed away, so I used that) so I'm going to have to run into the vets and pick some up today on my break at work.
I'm also going to pick her up a collar and name tag today(yes, thats right, I think we're going to keep her, lol. The hubby fell in love)
I'm also going to call around and see if I can get a complimentary exam since she's a stray. That way I'll have money to get her leukemia test done and get both kitties some de-wormer.
She is such a sweetheart and loves everyone. She must have been so miserable outside. She doesn't even try to get out of the crate when you open the door.
We've been thinking about calling her Jasmine, but we're still not 100% sure yet.
What do you guys think?
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I was able to get her an appointment for tomorrow at 1:00. The vet said he would do a complimentary exam, so I'll have enough money for the test. If my hubby's check goes through tonight like it should, we're planning to get her vaccinated as well.
I picked her up a collar, name tag and some toys today. Zorro ran off with one of the toys before I could even get it out of the bag, lol. What a little bugger!
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I got some better pictures of the pretty lady a few minutes ago. I had to let her out of the crate to walk around for a bit. She was getting a little aggitated.

"Look at my pretty new collar everyone!!"

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She is one beautiful cat!
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She's just gorgeous - look at her fluffy tail and sweet face! Good luck with the vet's appointment.
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I am so happy that you found her and that are taking care of her!
She is gorgeous!!
I do believe that she is a tortie!
Best of luck.
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I'm so glad that you've decided to bring this little girl (and I do mean little, poor thing!) in and keep her. We got our Abby in much the same way (previous owners left her at our apt. complex.. ugh) and I can tell you that she has turned into the most loyal, loving cat out of it. I love the name Jasmine and she seems like such a sweetie. Here's hoping for good vet checkups!
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Vet checkup went pretty good. She tested negative for feline leukemia, and the vet said she's one healthy kitty. The vets guessing she's about one year old since her teeth are still extremely white, and she's had at least one litter before.
Unfortunately she is pregnant. She should have her litter in another four weeks or so.
She can be de-wormed as soon as the babies are born, and she can be vaccinated as soon as they are weaned. She also said I could introduce her to Zorro now. Zorro loves her, but the new cat doesn't like him very much. She just runs and hides under the couch. I'm sure she just needs a few days to adjust though.
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Oh, and she's 7.5 pounds right now. Thats what Zorro weighs. I'm thinking she's probably going to be around 10 pounds or so. She's one big cat!
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she's very pretty. I'm glad the vet check went well. I wouldn't worry about her not liking your cat, she will eventually come around.
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How wonderful of you to help this beautiful kitty! Congrats on your new addition/additions!
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Does she have extra toes on her front feet, or did I just imagine that?
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Yup! She's got an extra toe on each one of her front feet. Its kind of cute. Looks like she has thumbs.
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