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Cat screams. Would drugs help?

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My mom got a cat that "complains"/screams/miaow a lot - don't know how old he is, but he's probably 10+ years and getting up there. my guess is he's a little senile. he sits at the door and screams even though he was just out and complains, scream and miaow, not all the time, but quite a lot during day and night.

I don't think he's sick in the sense he got pain or something - he seems healthy, goes out etc like normal and its not the type of cat that is known to 'talk' a lot. so my guess is it's some kind of anxiety.

Is there anything in particular one can do? Feed him something different. Maybe some kind of medicine to put in the food to help him relax or something?

Thanks for any help and advice.

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hi dondi
i think you should consult your vet and ask about meds.
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Have you had him checked out by your vet?
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If he has hearing problems, he's probably screaming so he can hear himself... get him seen to.
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Is he part Siamese? They are a very talkative breed.
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I would suggest a vet visit. At his age, I would be concerned if this is a change in behavior that there is something physically wrong.

IMO, a situation like this is not solved by drugs.
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hi thanks for the replies.

i think she's been to the vet so there was nothing wrong with him.

it's just a regular cat, so it doesn't talk much.

he seems to know what hes doing - let say you close the door when he's screaming he will turn it up a notch and scream louder after a while

he eats as he should, and she walks him 2-3 times a day outside. so from that point he seems healthy. some people on the net thinks it's just old age. dont know if any of you had similar experience with your old cats?

i just figure if he screams and is restless he might have some kinda anxiety going on and maybe that could be calmed by putting something in his food or something like that. (just as we humans are calmed down by what we eat/drink)

dont know if theres anything else one can do. i just think that it would be good if hes not screaming a lot at night, makes it hard to sleep.
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Ok 10+ years old their not exactly a kitten, but cats can live until their 20+.

I'm puzzled when you say you "think" he's been to the vet?. If he has do you know what was said?.

Cats are really good at hiding pain, so if this crying has just started i really would be taking him for a vet visit.

Whatever you do though please DON'T give him any medication that humans take
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Given his age he should have a full set of tests done for the things that can affect older cats, especially thinking of tests for hyperthyroid which can cause changes in vocalisations. But he should also be tested for diabetes, kidney & liver function, that sort of thing. Just the same as humans, once cats hit middle age and onwards they become more prone to certain types of health problems, which they should be tested for at least annually, or sooner if there are any behavioural changes.

It could also be that his hearing or eyesight is failing and that he can't hear his own voice to regulate the volume, or he can't find your mum easily. Elderly cats can also suffer from dementia, becoming confused, but if he's around 10 or so he's a little young for these problems, if he were nearer 17 or so I'd say it was a good possibility.

If all the blood tests rule out any health problems, you could try Bachs flower essences - their 'rescue remedy' is great for stressed or anxious cats - it is administered by putting a couple of drops in their water. You should be able to get it in healthfood or holistic health stores. But please have those senior tests done first, if he does have a thyroid problem it can be treated!
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he was at a vet last year. dont know if they checked all those things but they didnt find anything wrong with him. if you close the door, he shouts louder after a while so he seems to know what hes doing.
a vet online said its common that older cats maeow a lot.
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I would have him checked out again by a vet. Lots of things can change in a year. He needs to be checked out so that you can be sure that he's not meowing out of something being wrong with him physically.
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they did not "check all thouse things" on a regular routine check up. He needs a senior blood panel done asap to make sure all his organs and everything are functioning correctly. This should be done when a cat hits about 10 years old.
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
they did not "check all thouse things" on a regular routine check up. He needs a senior blood panel done asap to make sure all his organs and everything are functioning correctly. This should be done when a cat hits about 10 years old.
All of "those things" should be checked yearly, or some recommend twice yearly. There are a number of common health issues that a simple blood test can reveal. Those common issues are very treatable. That can make the difference between a miserable cat and a very happy content cat. I agree with all that's been said.
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