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I know what you mean about the weather being hot one day and cold the next, I have had my heat off for about a month now but put it back on the other night cause it was so cold, as far as the air conditioner I don't have it on much, most days my house is cool enough, even when it is hot enough for it I only have it on until the sun goes down cause then it is too cold, which reminds me of a quote I read once.....

August is the month that you wear the sweater
to ward of the cold from the air conditioner
that you have on because it is August.
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we bought another box fan (our old one only worked in low) so we've only been turning on the AC if it's in the mid to upper 80s or gets in the low 80s in our apartment. we have enough fans to get the air moving through our apartment pretty good. we don't pay for heat, but the AC we pay for. and i'm not looking forward to those bills. so we're postponing it as long as possible. our AC is also set at 78* i don't like to be cold in the summer.
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I hate being hot!!! Our weather has been crazy here too Kenz. It was up to like high 80's last week and I kicked it on!! But now the last few days have been nice so I shut it off! Got my windows opened back up, which I looove!!
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Mom is hot natured so she has had her window unit on most of the month. I will probably turn the other unit on when it gets too hot to sleep comfortably.
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memphis humidity and heat is a nightmare!!!! we turn our ac on when it starts to really warm up outside.
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we have stuck it out so far by useing some fans and opening windows and keeping it as cool as we can but if we get hit with a block of super hot. We will put in the air. We can usually be miserable and tough it out. But we wont let the critters.
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I turn the one in my room on almot every night. I avoid turning it on during the day and turning the living room one on almost always....but I have to sleep in a meat locker! But that's ok...it has an energy-saver function where it self-regulates its little self and turns on and off. I keep it on low AND energy saver most of the time.
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