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Constant drooling indicator of more serious problems?

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Hello there,
first off I want to say we're new to the forums and have just recently stumbled across some of the fantastic advice here.

We have 3 cats, all sisters, 7 years old. The littlest (we think she was the runt,) has been drooling a lot (long gooey threads from her mouth.) Not only that, but she also has been vomiting about once every 2 weeks, and it's this clear/cloudy watery stuff, but she rarely if ever vomits up her food. Also she's become a lot more introverted (and she wasn't exactly out-going to begin with,) she withdraws, shivers, doesn't want to be touched and is also very spaced out: not very coherent or noticing of things around her. This happened so gradually (at first it was a rare occurance, now it's much more common,) and started about a year ago. There wasn't any change to the environment, or her diet. She's always been the sickly one, and it doesn't help matters that her two (much) bigger sisters will beat up on her when they feel stressed.

We don't know whether to take her to a vet, or if there's anything we can do here at home to help.

Many thanks for all your help

Andy & Laurie
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GO TO THE VET ... Please
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Yes, please make a visit to the vet. That's the only way you'll be able to figure it out. It could be anything, teeth, gums, viral, bacerial ... anything. Please let us know what you find out at the vet. Sending vibes for your little girl.
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Yes, please take her to the vet. Bonnie and Sharky are right.
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Thanks for the prompt response. We're definitely gonna get her to the vet asap. (monday morning, because none of the vets around here are open on sundays.) Will update as soon as we know anything.

Thanks again

Laurie and Andy
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kinda sounds like kidney or liver disease. when the blood isn't cleaned proper, the toxins concentrate in the brain.

this would explain the throwing up clear "bile" and the odd behavior.
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Drooling can definitely be a sign of nausea and with her vomitting that might be a clue. I hope it's nothing bad and that the vet can find a cause with a clear solution.

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My first guess is some sort of dental problem, possibly a broken or infected tooth. But there are lots of possibilities, so really only a vet can determine what is going on with your cat. If she hasn't had any blood work done, that would be highly recommended as well. The other possibility that popped into my head is whether maybe she's been chewing on a house plant she shouldn't? I'd check any plants you have for signs of cat teeth marks.
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Have you been able to get in to see the vet yet? please let us know what they say
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