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What's your weekday morning routine?

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Do you have a routine that you tend to follow? Before kids I didn't have a routine. But if I didn't have one now, things would be chaos in my house.

Our Routine is as follows:

5:15 am - Hubby gets up and gets his stuff together for work and feeds the cats
5:23 am - I get up and start working on waking up the baby (he doesn't like to wake up that early)
5:30 am - bring Derek downstairs - pass him to daddy go to the bathroom, take Derek back and breastfeed him
5:35 am - DH hubby goes to wake up Kevin
5:40 am - Baby Einstein movie goes on the TV kids snuggle down for a few minutes then they eat breakfast with daddy in front of the TV.
5:45 am - I go clean the cat boxes and get the boys clothes and stuff ready for the babysitter.
6:00 am - DH goes to pull out the car from the garage and put his things and the boys' things in the car. I clean up the boys' faces from breakfast.
6:10 am - get the boys' diapers changed and dressed for the day. Listen to Kevin say "no Lisa's" about the babysitter (he is always happy when he gets there).
6:20 am - get the boys' jackets on, get hugs and kisses, tell them to be good boys and send them out the door at exactly 6:25.
6:25 am - wave goodbye from the window then head to the shower to shower, dry my hair, get dress and get out the door by 6:50.
6:50 am - leave the house walk to the bus stop
7:02 am - catch the 7:02 Express bus
7:35 to 7:40 am (depending on traffic) arrive at the Tim Horton's by work and get an extra large seeped tea.
7:50 to 7:55 am - arrive at my desk, log into the computer, open all of my programs, check TCS

Then work and TCS all day

How about you?
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I don't have a time table set because right now I only work part time but for the days that I have to work in the morning it's usually something like this:

1. Get woken up by 3 cats meowing and head butting me.
2. Get up and feed them.
3. Make some coffee.
4. Check out TCS for an hour or 2.
5. Then I just kiss my cats goodbye and go to work.
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1) Cat wakes me up by meowing in my face non-stop, 15 minutes before I want to get up... I try to ignore him for 15 minutes but this is impossible!
2) Wake up and feed cats asap in order to surround myself with silence
3) Say goodbye to the bf and watch him drive away on his GSXR 750, thinking "get a helmet and drive safe"
4) Check my email and my myspace
5) Brush teeth and then shower
6) Get dressed, make-up, and hair
7) Pack Lunch
8) Say goodbye to kitties and head out the door...It's work time!
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7:15AM - Alarm goes off, I hit snooze
7:20AM- Snooze alarm goes off, I throw the alarm against the wall, wishing I still had just 5 more minutes
7:25AM- Finally drag my butt out of bed, because now I have 2 very hungry cats sitting on my chest meowing for their breakfast
7:26AM- Get in shower, along with 2 cats that follow me in there to watch me shower, and play with the shower curtain
7:35AM- Finally get out of shower, with 2 cats staring at me, meowing, telling me really how hungry they are
7:40AM- Get dressed and blow dry hair. With cats watching me and wrestling as they always do when I use the blow dryer, I think they think I can't hear them, or see them getting into trouble
7:45AM- Put on makeup, with Bayley batting at my hands while I'm trying to put on my eyeliner, while jabbing my eye several times.
7:50AM- Realize that I should leave in .2 seconds, quickly feed cats, while Bayley tamples over myself and Harley to get the first dish, quickly eats his, AND Harley's, and begs for more
7:55AM- Realizing I should have left 5 minutes ago, take a quick look in the mirror, wondering WHY I didn't get up at the first alarm.
7:56AM- Realize that I'm starving, but don't have any time to eat because my 5 minute drive to work will make me later than I already will be.
8:00AM- Supposed to be at work, but just getting into car because both cats TRY to get out the door with me because its gorgeous outside.
8:05AM- Finally get to work, tired, and looking like crap, starving, wishing it were noon

My mornings are AWESOME!
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6:40/45AM: Rise and shine!
6:40-6:50: run around looking for all of my running gear
6:50-7:00: Stretch/crunchies
7:00-7:35: go for run
7:35-7:55: Shower/wash face/etc.
7:55: Feed cats
8:00: Eat breakfast...usually yogurt, an apple and a cup of green tea
8:20:dry hair, gather things
8:35: Leave for work
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5:30 Turn off alarm and get out of bed and get into the shower
5:45 Make Lee get out of bed and get into the shower, brush teeth, dry hair, and put on a little make up
6:00 Feed the girl and clean out cat pan
6:05 Toss granola bar in purse and get out the door
6:10 Stop at gas station and get water and breakfast
6:50 Drop Lee off at work
7:10 Go into office and log on computer check e-mail and TCS
7:30 Process early customers
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8:00am- Alarm goes off and I wake up.
8:01- Scratch comes in and wants some love. It's the only time of the day he'll actually ask for it, so I pet him for as long as he wants.
8:05- Get coffee, light a smoke, and wonder into the computer room.
8:07-Check my e-mail, TCS, and my webcomics.
8:15- Dr. Claw comes in and meows for attention, so I'm "forced" to give it to him.
8:45-Go take a shower and get dressed
9:00-Make breakfast
9:30- Leave for work
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Depending on time of year and other factors...
1. Wake up to full bladder
2. Get to the toilet as quickly as possible
3. While on the toilet, assure cats I will feed them
4. Feed cats (actually just Topaz as she insists on canned food. Ari likes dry and free feeds)
5. Fix my breakfast
6. Log on to TCS
7. Sit at computer and eat breakfast and pet Ari
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My Tuesday-Friday routine... since I don't work outside of the house currently, I'll just go ahead and give you the entire day's routine! LOL

6:45 a.m. - alarm goes off, I then proceed to hit the snooze button for 10 minutes.
6:55 a.m. - I get up, poke John and tell him it's time to get up, I get his clothes ready and everything he needs for work... poke John again and tell him to get up.
7:00 a.m. - poke John a final time, and he finally gets up, gets dressed and leaves for work.
7:10 a.m. - check email and TCS, turn the tv on to watch re-runs of Buffy.
8:00 a.m. - after Buffy I usually go back to sleep for an hour.
9:00 a.m. - get up, walk dogs, feed cats & dogs, feed horses (but some days someone else feeds them and I don't have to).
10:00 a.m. - eat breakfast/lunch while checking out TCS and email.
10:30 a.m. - weigh kittens and check them all over really well.
11:00 a.m. - start cleaning... I start with the litter box and then work on everything else.
Between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. I clean, and randomly check email, TCS, and other things on the internet.
3:00 p.m. - sit and watch "How Clean Is Your House?" while playing on the computer.
4:00 p.m. - walk dogs, check cats food, pet kittens, etc.
4:30 p.m. - this is usually when John gets home from work.
5:00 p.m. - eat dinner.
after dinner, we usually either go to town to do errands or we go outside to work on cars/mopeds/cleaning the yard, etc.
9:00 p.m. - come inside, have a snack (mmm, mint chocolate chip ice cream), and watch whatever's on tv.
John usually sits up on the computer until 11:00 p.m. or so while I clean up any messes he's made since he's been home and then I lay down and watch whatever he has on the tv. We usually go to sleep sometime between 11:00 p.m. and midnight.

And on weekends, John sleeps until noon or so while I get up at 9:00 a.m. and check email and get stuff done and then he usually drags me some where in the afternoon and evening on the weekends.
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mornings? ok,normal morning
i get home around 9am take a shower, feed the cats and fish.
then play games or read, or some work around the house then go to bed 11-12
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Forgot to add, at some point during the day I do get a shower!
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I wake up whenever the cats or kids wake me up..Normally around 9 or 10...Sometimes I get up earlier on my own...rarely tho..Make my chocolate truffle coffee in a HUGE Dunkin Donuts mug get the girls breakfast...Feed the cats let the dog out and feed and water him...Toss a couple of treats around and make sure I have a head count of everyone..After thats all done I hope right on the comp start my daily (all day) conversations with my BFF Sami and then hop right on TCS!! Maybe through out the day Ill take a break and check out some other sites but normally Im just on here..LOL!!! Darn addictions!
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7 am: Wake up, eat breakfast (french toast and a cup of water). Take medications, brush retainers, and go back to bed.
8:30: Wake up for the second time, eat granola bar, go on TCS.
9:30: Go to Alt school. Usually come home around 11-12.
11: Eat lunch then "go" to second school which in reality is online classes.
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This depends on if I am babysitting midnight shift next door.

If I am.

Then I am home at 7:30. Take the dogs out and feed them.
Go to the bathroom for me then, shower, change, etc.
Computer until around 8:30 then I'm off to the cat rescue and depending on whats going on as to how long I am there.

If I am home, then dogs are out inbetween 6:30-7. And everything repeats over again.
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2:00am - Set alarm clock for 6:30am
2:01am - Go to bed
2:30am - Shout at cats to stop knocking stuff over
5:00am - Shout at cats to stop knocking stuff over
5:30am - Get up to spray cats with water because they are knocking stuff over
6:30am - Alarm goes off. Reset to 7:00am
7:00am - Alarm goes off. Reset to 7:45am
7:45am - Alarm goes off. I finally get up. Feed cats.
8:00am - Get online.
10:00am - Get breakfast
10:30am - Get back online
11:00am - Get shower
11:15am - Clean ears and brush teeth
11:30am - Get dressed for day
12:00pm - Shout at cats because once again, they are knocking stuff over.

That is a typical morning for me on a day off from work.
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My Mornings:

Wake up several times throughout the night to bottle feed the SCREAMING kittens before they wake up Colin. Then go back to bed, then get back up to feed them....this goes on for several hours.

6:20- 6:30am wake up after a crappy nights sleep to my ANNOYING cell phone alarm going off. Hit snooze..two minutes later, another alarm goes off in another part of the room- i get up- hit snooze and get back in bet...then my cell phone goes off again- i FINALLY drag my butt out of bed and into the bathroom to get ready/ brush my teeth / hair.

6:30 feed the kittens again/clean out their carriers/cages, let the dogs outside to use the bathroom. let them back in. feed the dogs and kitties

6:40 give everyone their meds as needed (kitties) / feed the fishies

6:45- frantically run around the house looking for my uniform top, etc to wear to work and then get ready in about two seconds flat

6:48 - kiss Colin on his forehead and tell him i love him before leaving for work. (no matter how late i am- i NEVER leave the house without telling him i love him and giving him a kiss!)

6:50 grab a 100 calorie snack thingie for breakfast and a water and run out the door for work.... - then leave for work. Put on makeup at each red light/stop sign i get to.

7:00 get to work and work my butt off from 7- noon. then go home on my lunch break ( What break!) to feed my foster kittens- then go back to work from 1-4.
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6:00: alarm goes off and I smack the snooze button
6:07: alarm goes off again and I nudge hubby then hit snooze again
6:14: alarm goes off again and I roll out of bed and wander into the bathroom where I step over Koko (laying on the floor waiting for DH to step out of the shower) and brush my teeth.
6:17: shower
6:27: refresh food bowls on the counter in the bathroom. Dump the water bowl and refill it with fresh. Pet any cat that wanders up to the food bowls.
6:28: put on makeup and get dressed
6:35: ask DH if he needs help with the dogs (he walks them and feeds them in the morning). Give the dogs some scritches. Make sure that DH has fed the outdoor ferals.
6:36: wander into the utility room and refresh food bowls and top off the water fountain. Scritch any cat that wanders up to these bowls.
6:37: refill the water bowl for the dogs
6:38: give medicine to any of the critters that are on it that day
6:??: (depending on the number of critters on meds and how long it took me to give it to them) open the fridge and grab a can of diet coke.
6:55: Give DH scritches (oops, kiss him goodbye) as he is walking out the door. Grab the cell phone and drop it into my purse. Grab my laptop case, purse, diet coke, pull keys out, tell everyone to behave while I'm gone and walk out the door.
7:30 arrive at work and bust my butt until I get off work sometime later that day

You know what's amazing at my house? My critters don't wake me up in the morning and I don't have to wake up and yell at them for knocking things over in the middle of the night!!
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i didn't have a schedule but now i do.

1. 720am: the alarm goes off and i get up and get dressed
2. 745am: leave for the bus
3. 920am: arrive at my mothers house
4. 930am: bum around with my little sister
5. 1100am: feed my baby sister, get her dressed and ready for school
6. 1140am: walk ruby to school
7. 1200pm: go home and bum around, and maybe clean
8. 420pm: see jake off to work and wait for him to come back
9. 1200am: go to bed
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6:30 (which is really 6:20) reset alarm
6:50 Grumble
Hug kitties
dressing stuff
mad dash for whatever
hug and kiss kitties
hug and kiss DH
7:50ish drive to work
8:00ish get to work
8:15...students begin arriving....dun dun dunnnnn! grumble!
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On my days off I really don't have any type of schedule. Actually on my working days, I don't have a set schedule either so if I work in the am, I get up, feed the cats, clean the boxes, shower and dress, kiss the kitties and tell them to behave, tell hubby I love him and blow him a kiss, leave and work until 5. If I work at night, it's about the same except hubby kisses me before he leaves for work, (he has a set schedule) If I'm off, I get up whenever, feed the kitties, clean the boxes, feed the fish and do whatever needs done that day.
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