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Bah! Elections!

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We have an upcoming election and I'm so sick and tired of strangers banging on my door soliciting my vote.

It's bad enough that my building has a "No Soliciting" policy that no one ever respects, now I have to add politicians to my list of unwanted "visitors", LOL

In the last week I have had the NDP to my door 3 times. Today I had 2 visits from the Liberal Party. I didn't answer the door for another candidate because I was having a nap and refused to get out of bed. They left their pamphlet under my door.

I just put up a big block letter sign on my door "NO SOLICITING" and the next "Solicitor" that bangs on my door or rings my bell is going to get an ear full
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We have elections coming up in August.

There is a ton of people running for offices here. There is like 13 people running for sherriff.
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Any type of soliciting is so annoying
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i have a sign on my door,

'warning the person here works nights, and has guns.
if i was in your shoes i would think long and hard before you knock on this door"

under that is the skull &cross bones
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Strictly speaking they are not soliciting (or so they told the people next door when she put one up)
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