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problems with auto feeders

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I have tried using the cat mate c50 auto feeder and after one use it broke, i got a replacement and now that has broken after one use too! Expensive items so i'm suprised they don't seem to work. Has anyone else had problems with them or know of a good model to buy?
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Hello and welcome to the site....

Oh I never got on with those auto-feeder things either and dont think the cats really thought much to them either - this was ages ago now and when I lived in the UK and worked longer hours.

I dont have the need for them anymore - well the auto-feeder is me now
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I have a cat mate I think - dont know the model number.
I dont use it much. I use the 2-try one only and have not had a problem
It's a really honky-tonk device, no impressive bells and whistles. it is just a dial that goes 'round and when it gets to the "time" it pops open.

Are you getting a complicated highly digital one? Maybe a v. simple one will work?

In what way is yours breaking?
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I've used the cat mate ones too but like the previous poster I don't know the model number. Not had any problems with them. Well, I had no problems til I got Mosi and he worked out how easy it was to push around the floor until the batteries fell out! I now use a heavier, digital auto feeder which works fine except that I have to get the instructions out each time I use it
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We use Petmate and have been useing that for the past 4-5 months. It works great and has never broke. Actually I'm quite surprised that it hasen't because our cat sticks his paw up were it comes out and paws out a few kibbles every now and again. It's battery opperated and we haven't even needed to change the batteries yet. It's also nice because I can put it wherever since it doesn't have to plug in.
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I'm a petsitter and clients will often use them to do a second feeding late in the day if they've only hired us to come in the mornings. I often find that the things don't work properly and cats don't get dinner. I've noticed the kind with the lids that (supposedly) pop up when the timer clicks around never seem to work.
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well my one does five feeds and the lid rotates to open each compartment. The first one broke as after washing it (not in the dishwasher) it warped out of shape a little and kept getting stuck on the last compartment. The second one would not fix back on at all after i used it once then washed it (again not in the dish washer). I did use warm water but don't think it would be to enough to melt the plastic at all. I have a simple 2 compartment flap up lids design now but i will have to get another one if i want to leave my 2 cats for more than 12 hours.
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