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My girls make me laugh!!!

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Stumpy's in a psycho mood tearing around the house with wide eyes and her ears back shimmying up the scratching post, leaping up and over furniture and generally going nuts.

Lily walked by her, and Stumpy lunged out and put both arms around Lily, dragged her to the ground and started biting her ear...

Lily just sat there and completely ignored Stumpy like she wasn't even there.

Then Stumpy bashed Lily over the head, and Lily kept on ignoring her. So Stumpy stood up with an audible "hmmph" and stalked off.

Gee they crack me up!
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haahha, cute....

and here i was thinking about posting a story of eazy getting all puffy in front of then deck door(its glass as he can see), and then running away then running back , and doing it all all over again.

hehe but your story is better
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I don't know - your story is pretty funny - I've never actually seen a cat get upset at their own reflection
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both stories are great stumpy and lily remind me of some kits in my houshold, blue and stormie both take turns doing that !!!
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hehehe...cats are amazing, aren't they? The love us when no one else may and the make us laugh in our darkest hour. They are our most loyal friends and who says cats aren't therapeutic?
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I was just saying to DH this morning - thanks to Smudge we wake up laughing every morning. Every morning she leaps onto DH's chest and immediately smooshes her face against his, and she won't let up until she can snuggle against his face.

It's the funniest thing, and it always makes us laugh every single morning.

I just cannot imagine life without kitties
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