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Originally Posted by Satai View Post
My apologies for not being here to add my vibes - I am sending grateful "thank you" vibes for bringing your baby home.
Ari, you should to obey to Mommie! don´t leave home again1 without permition!

thanks to God!
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What Great news to see first thing this morning I am so glad for You Jan and for Ari
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Jan, that is AWESOME news -- just awesome!! I think it's going to windy around the world today with all the sighs of relief happening.

Ari, Welcome home, fella -- but PLEASE! Don't do that to Mum (and US!) again, OK? You have no idea how worried we all were.
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What a way to start the day! Welcome home Ari!!
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Wonderful news
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I just noticed the flyer I made up had him missing in March - not May. Good thing I didn't need them!
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YAY!!! I am sooo relieved to be reading this Jan!!

Welcome home Ari.....you scared all of us!!!

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Yay, I am so glad he's home! don't ever do that again, Aristotle!
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I'm so glad that he's home!!!

Now Ari, don't you ever do that again!!
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I am so happy your baby boy is back home in your arms, Jan! Fantastic News!
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I've been thinking about him all day, as I couldn't post before now (6PM) but I wanted to add my congratulations and good wishes for a fantastic homecoming. I am so glad for you and for Ari.
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I'm glad he's home!!
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Oh Jan I'm soooo happy I could cry!!!! I had to almost bite my toung from shrieking at the post title! This is just the best news!
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That's awesome!!!!!
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Oh my gosh! I can't even imagine how happy you must be! Welcome home, baby!
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Originally Posted by Graciecat View Post
I was so happy to open the other thread this morning and see that Aristotle is home where he belongs.
Me too!!!

Welcome home Ari
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Just seen this. Didn`t even know he was missing!
I`m so glad he`s home and that he didn`t come to any harm.
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WOO HOO!!! congrats.
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That is the best news ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's wonderful news!!!!
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Wonderful news! Welcome home Ari!!!
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I'm so happy for you.
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He's been sticking to me all day. And I like it! He's slept beside me at the computer (he's now napping on the monitor) and we took a nap together.

My sister just returned from a class trip to Holiday World (amusement park in Santa Claus, Indiana) and brought me my Meowmy's Day present. She said she walked into the gift shop and this was the first thing she saw - a sign that says - PLEASE! DON'T LET THE CAT OUT... NO MATTER WHAT IT TELLS YOU!
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awww i'm soo glad he's safe and sound back home with you!!! you might want to have him checked out by your vet before you introduce him to your other kitty again just to make sure he doesn't have any intestional parasites/etc or other issues that might be contagious
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Originally Posted by huggles View Post

I couldn't say it better myself!! I'm soooo glad that Ari is HOME!!
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Oh Jan, I missed this being so busy all day

You must be so relieved and happy to see him

Welcome home Ari
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