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Ady - I'm sending many, many prayers to you and your hubby
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Oh Ady, after all you two have been through lately

I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers

and loads of 'turns out to be nothing' vibes heading your way
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Sending you many, many, many healthy vibes!!! I wish you two all the best and hope that it is nothing serious!!
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I am very sorry to hear this and I am hoping for the best for you and hubby.
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Oh I am sorry to hear this - Adrienne - you all are in my thoughts
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Here are vibes from me too! {{{{{vibes}}}}} I truly hope things come out well and it is stress-induced fatigue.
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I am sending all the prayers that I can that way.
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Sure....I will send all the VIBES I can muster!!

I cant even imagine feeling what you are right now.

PM me when you need to talk!!
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Oh gosh... absolutely engulfing you and your husband in healing, calming light.

Practical question: Does your husband have disability insurance? If not, can anything be done about that?

Now -- if it looks to the doctor like your husband has had a heart attack, he may very well have had one -- they can masquerade as indigestion, a backache, all sorts of things. And if the doctor wants him to stay home from work, then he needs to do it! He's being given an opportunity here to catch this in time, but if he pushes it, he could give himself another attack. Surely he can stay home until after the tests on Tuesday... try to persuade him.

I don't remember what the actual statistic is, but some huge percentage of people actually die from their first heart attack -- no warning shot, no second chance, just gone. Your husband is so lucky to have gotten a warning! He needs to heed it.

And you're so good for going with him to the appointment. Take a notepad along, so you can write down everything they tell you, and also jot down any questions that occur to you. It's hard to keep the details straight when the situation is so emotional... you'll feel better if you write it all down.

My father has had several heart attacks and two bouts of congestive heart failure, one of which led to a six-way bypass, so I've been there. A lot. And this nuclear test they're going to do is amazing -- it will give you so much information! And with that information, they can figure out exactly what needs to be done. For my father, they didn't even have to stop his heart and put him on a machine -- the surgeon was so good, he was able to perform six bypasses on a beating heart!

Miracles can be done these days... so keep the faith.
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OH MY Ady, I just saw this.... mega vibes for hubby....
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I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
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Keeping the vibes coming, Ady.
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OMG! I am just seeing this Ady! Please keep us updated!!!
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Ady, having TCS vibes and prayers really meant a lot to Gary, and I'm sure they'll help your hubby too.

We are both sending huge vibes and already sent up a prayer. This is going to turn out to be stress-induced, and with proper care he'll be good as new, and he is healing as I write.

I recently read that with vibes it's important to think in the present, not in the future. So I'm starting right now.

We'll be thinking of you Tuesday, and I'm so glad you put your foot down and are going to be with him!

Laurie (& Gary too - he's being involved tonight. )
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Oh gosh... absolutely engulfing you and your husband in healing, calming light.

Practical question: Does your husband have disability insurance? If not, can anything be done about that?

Miracles can be done these days... so keep the faith.

Hubby is covered by work (I think he has close to 300 sick days saved). OHIP (Ontario's health Insurance) covers all tests and medical things. His prescriptions are paid 100% from work. If, God forbid, he is off longer then his sick credit, he has short and long term disability from work. At least that is 1 stress we don't have to worry about!

Thanks for the support everyone, it means alot to both of us!

It was a rough weekend - he was exhausted and spent much of it asleep. I think he has come to grips with the reality of what is happening. He said that after he sees the doctor on Tuesday that he will probably be off work for a while. And even bigger for him, he has admitted he is scared. But he thinks I am babying him (I'm not). He says he feels embarrassed and useless and no matter what I tell him, he won't change his mind about being embarrassed and useless.

I don't know what I would do without TCS!

Thank for your continued support
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It's unfortunate that he's feeling embarrassed and useless, but that can still change. The rest of his attitude shift is a large step in the right direction -- embarrassed or not, he's much more likely now to do as he's told, and thus lick this sooner rather than later. Continued vibes and prayers for his quick recovery and for you and the boys to stay strong for him. I'm glad he's got lots of sick leave.
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ady did you find out if it was a heart attack? when is the stress test? i hope things are going well for him. it sucks having medical problems and i really hope it isn't cancer. it is hard to learn how to adjust what youre used to doing when your body isnt up to it anymore. it is my turn to send healing vibes and im sending them his way.

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I'm so sorry I'm just seeing this. I actually am working with a woman right now (client) who sounds like she was where your husband is. She says her DR finally just got through to her and basically said if she wanted to stay alive she'd make some changes. So she has! Basically she worked way too much and just took the weight of the world on her shoulders. She's learned to let others help carry it now. I'm praying they are able to give you both some good encouraging hope tomorrow.
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I hope everything goes well tomorrow. I will be thinking good vibes for you and your husband.
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hugs and a mega-heap of get well vibes for your husband.

I really hope everything works out well after the test today (well it is Tuesday already where I am). I will keep sending good thoughts your way.

Remember you must also look after yourself too so this group of hugs is just for you
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Sending bunches of vibes and all positive thoughts to your husband and you
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You are both in my thoughts today!
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Many prayers and good vibes for you and your husband today
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Many prayers and vibes for your husband today.
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Also sending good thoughts and prayers your way.
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I too hope all the tests go well today.
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Sending all the vibes/prayers I can to you & your hubby today
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Thinking about you and hubby today. Sending lots of positive light and vibes....

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Sending lotsa vibes, Ady. I hope everything goes well today.
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Heyla everyone!

Well the test went ok, but long. we were there from 7:15 am to 1 pm. We won't find out the results until Saturday. He did go back to the Dr on Tuesday night and got put on light duties (finally), but work is not being very cooperative. The dr did say that it did look like he had a previous heart attack, but we will know more on Saturday.

All of your prayers and vibes are very much appreciated.

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