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Getting a new cat

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As my two cats are brothers and were bought together and have spent ten years together and one is now dieing what are the opinions as to getting another cat (or should it be a kitten) to replace him when he's gone?
Is it a good idea or will the brother prefer to be alone? How long after should one wait if a new cat is to be introduced?
I'd hate to think of the surviving cat being alone after all these years but at the same time would hate to introduce a new cat if the surviving cat would just reject it or even attack it.
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Why is one cat dying? Is it ill? I would figure out that if you don't know before bringing in a new one. I would wait awhile, if the other cat really is dying then it might stress him out too much to have a new cat around.

You might want to look into a kitten, but it all depends on personality and how you introduce them to each other.
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I'm sorry your cat is dying

I think bringing in a kitten would be a bit much for a 10 yr old cat to deal with, so an adult is probably better.
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Sorry to hear one of your cats is dying. I agree that a new kitten might be too much for a 10 year old. I'd wait and see how he is. He may well show signs of grief for his brother, but many cats in that situation and of that age will eventually adapt and be happier on their own. If you'd like another cat and you think he might benefit, I'd get an older cat rather than a kitten and be prepared to do introductions slowly. Also be prepared for your existing cat to never become close friends with the newbie. They may bond, but there's no guarantee that they will.
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Give your cat the chance to morn the loss of his brother when the time comes.

I would not adopt a young kitten, but one about 5-6 months old and neutered probably would be fine. You need to find a laid back kitten - not a hyper one.

Mitten was about 9-10 yrs old when we got our 4 month old RB kitten - and he was very patient with her. But he had that type of personality anyway where nothing really phased him.

How are your cats now about new animals/people? If they are not phased by new changes, then you could being in an older kitten.
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Just to answer some questions about my two cats: (1) Persy has cancer but right now is holding his own with drugs. He is still his beautiful self and greatly loveable.
(2) I do plan to give his brother, Shadow, the chance to react after the death of his brother whenever that happens; see how he takes to being alone. I just thought that after ten years of companionship he might want a companion around during times when I am not at home.
(3) Neither cat is great around other people; they have known me and basically only me for ten years. Persy will eventually venture forth and make tenative contact with a stranger but both typically hide until the stranger has left.
Neither cat has been exposed other animals other than briefly at the vet's or when boarded once a year so don't have a real idea of how they react or would react. At the boarding place, Shadow hides mostly because of the strange people and Persy just ignores the other cats.
Introducing another cat to Shadow would really be an experience since it would be a first. Basically he is submissive to his brother except for some strange reason food is involved; then he takes charge and Persy steps aside
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