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Had the ultrasound! It's a....

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It was very funny though, she was checking between the legs, and finally got a look and said "looks like it's a girl", and DH's mum and I both squealed in delight! The sonographer said "yep, there's the labia", and I thought, that looks a little big for girl bits, but figured she knew what she was talking about.

Then she tried for a better look, and then said "oh wait, no, sorry - it's actually a boy"

We asked if she was sure, and then we all got a REALLY good look and yep - it's definitely a boy...

I'm going to post some pics on our website in a little bit, so will put them up here once they're uploaded
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awwww!! congradulations hon!!!!
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Ohhhh little boys are the BEST!!!

How exciting! Must see pics....
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Ok, here's a couple of pics!

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Aww arent babies the best. I bet you cant wait to hold him! Of course the actual giving birth part isnt to great. My labor went from 5 pm friday to 7 am sunday. I was exhausted. Anyways congrats! I hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy. And a short labor! LOL
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Ok, here's a couple of pics!

LOL! In this one he looks like he's got Blundstones on!!
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Those pics are just fantastic!!
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Awww Sarah Congratulations to you both! Those pics are just amazing!
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once again congrats

and WOW those pics are amazing
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Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the awesome pics of your new baby boy.
I'm so happy for you!
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awwwwwww CONGRATS

what wonderful news
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Congratulations...Those pics are amazing much better than the ones I got!!! Im so excited for you guys...Im waiting right now for a friend of mine to go into labor. Shes due any day now and just about ready to pop...But her Dr thinks shes gonna go late!! I feel bad for her!!
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Oh my gosh!! Those are amazing pictures!! Congratulations!

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As a mother of 2 boys 2 and under let me tell you.....get your rest now!

Congrats. Honsetly, I wouldn't trade my 2 boys in for anything! They are a joy and I know yours will be too!
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Congrats!! I know you are happy to know what it is ow1 A boy! How exciting!!
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Sarah that's just wonderful! I'm so happy for you!
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Awesome pictures Sarah
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Thanks all I'm so excited!!! I have 2 nephews who I absolutely adore, and I love little boys, they're so much fun!

Now we have 5 months to find a name...
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I always liked the name Griffon, but hubby didn't! You should start a name the baby thread!
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Congratulation, Mommy!

Those pictures are SO much better than the ones they had 23 years ago! Isn't it amazing to see that little one growing inside you?
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And feel VERY thankful!!!

Trade ya! My daughter is 10 going on 15 and I think I'm going to pull all of my remaining hair out.

(I have a wonderful, hormonally-balanced Stepson so I can honestly say this)
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Thats lovely news!
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Thats so awesome!!!
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Oh and little PJ's heart rate is 149 at the moment - right on normal which is a relief!!! I thought it may be low due to my beta blocker heart medication.
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Congrats! You should start a baby name thread.
And--how is your heart? Are you doing well?
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