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Best friends sister shot in the eye with a paintball gun

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Well, we are all sickened.

She was waiting for the bus, and some idiots drove by in a acar and shot her in the eye with a paintball gun. She may lose her sight in that eye, and there are some serious issues with eye injuries.

Please send some healing vibes her way, and also "catch the friggers who did this" vibes too.

The whole city is up in arms about is a horrendous act of violence.
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Sending immense vibes! May those punks get a serious kick in the ass versus a slap on the wrist! Ignorance is a sad sickness... I hope they get a rude awakening! I hope her injuries are minor and I hope those little sh*** pay for what they did!
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Sending<<<<TCS VIBES>>>>That she'll be ok!

And I hope they get caught! That's just downright mean!
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That is terrible! I hope they catch to idiots that did that to her.
lots of healing vibes and keep sight vibes.
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OH NO Nat.... for this girl and her family. the idiots that did this.
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I remember when that happen to a child in Toronto - who did loos his sight! I will keep her in my prayers!
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Tons of good vibes to your best friends sister. to those morons!
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What a bunch of :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: morons!!!

I really hope she does not loose her sight because people are :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: morons!!
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OMG I saw that on the news this morning Nat. I had no idea you knew her ***HUGE VIBES***
I hope she dosn't loose her sight
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What friggen !!!
That's awful! to her. I hope that her eye is alright...
When I was in high school I was walking down the road with a friend and some guys in a car shot her in the hip w/ a paintball. She had a huge welt and the next day a bruise the size of a softball on her hip!
I can't imagine being shot by one in the eye
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How horrible.
Poor girl. That is sickening. Many prayers sent.
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What the HECK kind of world do we live in when you can't even wait for the bus without having something bad happen to you. Bless her heart Nat Many prayers for her, this is just horrible...I hope they catch these freaking hoodlums
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That is awful Sending lots of vibes for her and that she will regain sight in her eye. And lots of "catch those vibes so the police can catch those evil and shoot them in the eye with a paintball gun.
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OH thats terrible!! I hope to hell they catch the idiots that did this to her!!!

Many vibes being sent her way!!!
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I hope they catch the that did this to her. Many prayers and many vibes heading her way.
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Sending vibes to this poor girl-such a terrible tragedy for family.
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jeese what on earth are people thinking I am ........

lots of get well soon {{{{{{{VIBES}}}}}}} and many thoughts and prayers that she will recover 100%
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That's awful.
Sending lots of vibes to her and her family.

And lots of "Catch those freakin' idiot" vibes to the Police, so that those morons can pay for what they've done.
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Thats disgusting! I hope she is okay and that she doesn't lose her eyesight!

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Oh that is awful! I hope they get the boogers and teach them a lesson or 2!!!! Or 3 or 4!
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Nat, have you heard anything?
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OMG! That's horrible!

Some people have no common sense whatsoever. How people can get a thrill out of hurting someone is beyond me.

I hope they're caught and receive serious punishment. What they did was beyond a prank or "mischief", it was a downright crime.

Sending vibes to your cousin that she has no permanent loss of sight!
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How could people be so stupid? Don't they know that people have been killed by paint ball guns? I hope she fully recovers and that they catch those brainless sacks of crap.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Nat, have you heard anything?
Nothing yet...she has to keep going to these specialists and having her eye poked and prodded There is blood behind the eye, and the pressure from the shot caused the eyeball to get pushed there is a trauma induced cataract in the eye too It sounds bad, but I hope it turns out okay.

We will know more about her sight once it heals a little more.

The idiots haven't been caught.

And BTW, they aimed it at her face..they were only like 10 feet away.
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How horrible ....... Sending vibes and prayers for your friend Nat.

Hopefully they will catch those guys very soon.
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They were talking about that at work today, the govt has a bright idea about giving $2000 to each school for anything they need to stop the bullying so it will never happen again!

I hope her eye is ok
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OMG, I's so angry for her, I just can't find anything polite enough to say.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
And BTW, they aimed it at her face..they were only like 10 feet away.
If they aimed it at her face at such close range, she could charge them with attempted murder. Put them behind bars where they can think about what they've done.
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that is just horrible!!!!!!!! i hope they catch the devils who did this to her!!!! my heart goes out to your friend please let her know she's in my prayers!!!
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