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Sorry to hear about the little one. Praying for the health of mom and the rest of the kittens.
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And then there was 4 another Ginger one and I can still feel either 1 or 2 moving around inside!!!!!

So not over yet

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Is it normal for a kitten to come out dead?
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The kittens are beautiful.
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They are adorable! I love the orange ones! Good job grandma and mommy!
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Congratulations, the babies are beautiful. And I'm so sorry to hear that you lost one. Please keep us updated!
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Well the last one was born at 12 am is it is now 5am is and she still has at least one moving around inside!?!

She is absolutely fine - mothering the babies and no sign of labour - help please?!

Thank you for all your loverly remarks x
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If you are positive there is one more in there lets hope it comes out to be with mommy soon....we dont want no problems to start now....lets cross our fingers and hope it comes soon and congrats on the other babies!
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I don't know. Everything I've read says that if your cat experiences hard labor for more than an hour to call the vet, but I can't find anything that talks about if labor stops. I do remember reading that sometimes the vet needs to give a shot to produce contractions again. She delivered 6 kittens already is that right? It may be that her uterus is just too tired to produce the contractions needed to get the next kitten out. I would suggest you call your vet even if it's just to find out that it's normal for this to happen. They will tell you if you need to bring the cat in. Do you have the number of an emergency vet available? Let us know how what happens.
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I've heard that sometimes the uterus, returning to its normal shape, can feel like a kitten moving. It could be that, but might not be.

Sometimes labor does stop. If the queen is resting comfortably, it's usually okay, but since you think there may only be one kitten left, that is a little strange. I've heard that up to 24 hours can go by before a queen delivers another few kittens--some people think it's that they've emptied one uterine horn, and take a rest before emptying the other.

Whatever the case, it's a good idea to take her to the vet anyway, to make sure she has no retained placentas or, as you're wondering, a kitten.

I hope everything goes alright! And to answer the question of Roimata, yes, sometimes kittens are stillborn. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to it, but it's not uncommon.

Good luck! Got my fingers crossed for ya.
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Ok here is the update

4 Kitts doing great

At some ungodly hour during the night I rang a 24 hour vets - I was told that I was to leave her because she could still produce a Kitt upto 36 hours after the last Kitt!

I ignored this and took her to the vets first thing this morning - he was a load of S*** - he gave her a shot to help expel adn contract the uterus as he was not sure!

As she decided to have them in the living room, she would not let me move her box,- we had a new floor in the adjoining room laid today so lots of traffic and noise and then she had a major falling out with the dog which is understandable!! - She was still panting by 3 pm this afternoon - I rang a different vet and asked when this shot should work and how long - I was told that it should have worked by now. Anyhoooo I told them that I thought the panting was probably due to her being tired as she had not really rested - we went out for a couple of hours have not long been back and she is fine - no more panting!

Her boobies are very hard but I am sure that will sort itself out if not I will take her to the vet again!

Thanks again for all your help

will keep you updated on kitts progress!

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Aww, congrats! I bet the kittens suckling will probably take care of it. Just make sure they're getting enough to eat and not crying constantly , because that could signal a problem, like caked breasts.

Good luck! Hurray for kittens!
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Kitts are snoozing and are very quiet which is great
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Glad they're all doing well!
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I did not know wether to start a new thread with this or not so I put it here as a big thank you for everyones help and advice.

they are sooooooooooo sweet

the light ginger one is fluffy!!!

and please note how the only girl already has the boys under control!!
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Awwwww they are so perfect. I want them alllllll! *steals* LOL.
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aw im so glad that everything went kinda well , and im sorry for the one you lost.
they are beautiful.
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They look great and oh so cute. Congratulations!
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Awwwww, they are all soooo cute!!
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Update on babies!

All doing woderfully well are still under the bed - I tried to move them but mum moved them back so I am in the process of making it kitty safe as they have started crawling!
All eyes open
Mum is beyond fantastic - I check them all daily and mum likes this as she goes off to do her thing and have a break. Every mum needs a break.
Kittens climb on my hand now as they recognise me yey hey!

Turns out they all may be fluffy!
I have made up my own birth certficates for them with all the details - sad I know but was bored!
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Absolutely beautiful!
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Forgot to add

My neighbours cat who got a visit from the same tom has now had her kitts - she had 3 little black boys

She did not eat the sfterbirth nor did she chew the umbilical cord. So I did it with dental floss.

They are all fine and she is doing just as great!

what is really funny is our actual children have eight days between them and now our kitts also have eight days between them!
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I'm in love.
That little orange baby is so cute.
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Oh my gosh they are so cute. I love the little orange and white kitties...
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adorable! I so love kitties.
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