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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
My username is from a "Mississippi Gary" skit by The Kids in the Hall (a Canadian comedy troupe). I was watching it with friends years ago and the name stuck.

I'm surprised it's not more popular, but I guess most people think it's derogatory.

So what is your real name?
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Two people in my life called me LorEye, my friend Julie and my 10th grade drama teacher. My name is Lori, Lori with an "i". So many of my friends called me Lor, and then Julie came along and started putting the "i" back in to it.

then in highschool out of the blue my drama teacher started calling me LorEye. He called me a lot of things though... I don't think he ever knew my real name.
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Spooky was my soul-mate kitty. Her nickname was Pookie-poo. I've used Pookie-poo as my username in many different communities. It helps me to feel close to her. My real name is Kelli Jo.

Do you know that Spooky was the name of my very first cat that was my own cat - I was 6 years old and he was a tuxedo cat. Of course, back in the 50's it was "safe" and "normal" to allow cats to go outside. We lived in the country and one day my Spooky didn't come home. It took me a long time to understand that every time we were in the car and I saw a tuxedo cat in someone's yard that it wasn't my Spooky.

My username: lnbandcats means Ellyn "B"first initial of my last name and of course, cats.

I do think that there is a thread-quite long, where we all posted our user names and our real names!
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SalemWitchChild denotes my heritage & beliefs. I'm the 10th great granddaughter of Susannah Martin who was hung during the Salem Witch Trials. And I'm Wiccan.

Oh, real first name is Robin
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I had 5 cats when I joined the site, so I din't pick a name from my cats. I chose adymarie as ady (pronounced like the letters A and D) has been my nickname sine I was a baby and marie is my middlename.

Adrienne is my real name - I've never been too fond of it.
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I have dogs and cats but since I only had Miagi that is a cat at the time and since this is a cat site and not Tiger hence Miagi's_Mommy hope that made sense.
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Originally Posted by TiffanyL View Post
So what is your real name?
I will PM you.
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Got it and thanks!!
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My username came from our first bobcat girl named Amber. Many new users think I am female by this name, but as most of you know, I am male and my name is John
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Kitytize is a word I made up many years ago after attending my second cat show. It was how I felt after seeing all the cats and all the cat merchandise. I was all kitytized up My real name is Tara.
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Jaffacake because Kitty is orange and also seedless
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I love LSU as much as life itself, so it is LSULOVER for me
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Lol... it's fun to read this thread... I identfy really strongly with elves... and Kaleetha was the name of an elf in a story I was writing once.

My real name is the name of the 2 states that are directly to the East of Montana.... but I'm a bit worried about just writing it out. I actually got googled by a company I interviewed with... common I know, but it freaked me out. So I never use my birth name anymore. I do answer to this one!
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Userid tierre0 comes from the Norse God Tyr who was responsible for tricking Fenrir, imprisoning him in a Runestone. I spelled in a more modern way only because most sites need at least 6 letters and a number as well..that's where the 0 comes in.

My real name is a very common-place Susan.
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My user name is after one of my old cats (and the momma to some I have now). My real name is Rachel.
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my username means: AZ loves Me AZ is my hubby (this is how i call him) and you can call me Yesha
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I chose crittergirl bacause I have and love several kinds of animals and would have one of everything if I could, like Ellie Mae Clampit and her critters on the Beverly Hillbillies.
My real name is Jodi
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Mine is because I have no pets of my own. Only fosters. So I tried Fostermom but it was taken so I added an extra m. My name is Mary.
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If you know the fairytale, you'll know why I chose it originally, though that's no longer valid. As the name is quite popular and usually already taken, I added my birth year.
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Mine is simple.. Jenny because that is my name and 1124 is my birthdate (November 24th)
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Moz is a nickname and it is said like "paws".
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Originally Posted by Jenny1124 View Post
Mine is simple.. Jenny because that is my name and 1124 is my birthdate (November 24th)
That's my birthday too! Are you an 83 girl?
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I love white cats. I try to put my name in my siggy, but was not brave enough to make my name my username!
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Xulili.. is my main toons name form world of warcraft... sigh I know i'm a geek.
It's sumarian meaning close to" Evil of the gods" good for a warlock, easy for me to remember and i know it will never be taken on any websight.
Real name Cherie
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My user name has no relevance to anything. I just picked it at random. My real name is Justin but most people call me J.R. (my initials)
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